Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here I am.....

In all of this I am finding myself at a lost for words and yet I am found, solid and comfortable. This is paradise; home is where the heart is and I have arrived timidly at home. Cautious, brave, encouraged and full of fear; yet I have arrived. Sitting at the table staring at you- gently tenderly holding my hand out waiting for you to come and sit with me; holding my breath but confident that you will come in the right time, your time, God’s time- you will come and sit with me.
School is going well. We have a few weeks left. I am trying to get all of my papers, projects and studying done. I need to focus a little more intensely. Give up some sleep to gain more, it will be worth it- so I shall buckle down. Fight on and encourage myself in your word. I am happy for my close friends many of them in KY are full of joy; in this moment my love is extended to Derek and Whit; they are indeed closer than a brother. Ashley is getting married on Friday. We have been together since six grade, and I have loved her like my sister and now to see her dreams come true I am indeed blessed to witness this; Jake I love you and am happy that God brought you and Ashley together.
Church is well; college ministry is hard- really hard- but watching God move has blessed me; I am blessed to still be allowed to serve in His kingdom. Great pastor, great church- Great God!!! Michael Richardson has become my brother. Never would I had of thought that I would meet such a faithful and loving servant of the Lord; he helped me to cross the bridge to success- eternally grateful I am indebted to him forever.
I still miss my granny gran everyday. She new that I loved her and I know she loved me. She is in heaven dancing with her father God in fields of grace. I miss her, but I am glad for her and I know that she is finally where she always told us she wanted to be.
Focus focus focus; concentrate; buckle down and move. Be the person I was born to be. Walk in the victory that God has called me to at the cross of Christ. These things need to be branded on my heart, mind and soul for the next few months. Count it all joy is what I need to shout to myself in the times when I don’t want to get out of bed. Take care of myself and move forward. Don’t slack, lack or complain. Move get up and move. Go to God in Christ Jesus and move in His Holy Spirit. These things I will say to myself.
My goal in life is to do one thing: Love God- because in this I will be alright….

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