Wednesday, December 17, 2014

somewhere between my head and my heart

I think somewhere between my head and my heart rest the wisdom convictionsattributes characteristics that I need in order to not only survive but to thrive as it's hard to walk away from something that you were so passionate about its hard to stop loving something that you would have died for it's hard to know that what you know has been abandoned life is difficult and the more and more I traveled this journeythe more I realize how difficult it can be at times but what I know for sure is this that God is good and that he wants what's best for me and he wants what's best for you and if we keep praying and keep trusting and keep hoping that on the other side of the mountain there will be the land of milk and honey we too shall persevere we can't give up on each other we can't give up on humanity we can't give up on the righteous and the good things that are for life we have to keep finding it may not always come or look exactly how you wanted it to look but it would and will be the way God intended it to me recently I had to leave a position and I thought that my job there was to turn the ship around when really my job was and what God had called me to do was to get the sheep away from the wolves it was my duty and it is my duty to always shepherd tlthem to always love them answer always support them but the evil that existed was just too much to fight and what God called me to do was to show the truth put it on the table and to let the saved go to places where God could use them they could grow and they could enjoy their lives I'm not responsible for evil I'm not responsible for people who don't want to change I'm not responsible for things not turning out the way that I thought that they should have all I'm responsible for is to stay in my lane and to do my job and that is all you are responsible for as well so enjoy the ride of life work hard do your best pray and always be kind because remember we're all kids at heart just be nice to people and if people don't return it there's nothing you can do but you've done your part God Bless You God love you and I got a new phone so I'll be Voice typing a lot of my notes lol

Say Thanks #HaveHope

When reconciling your last experience and trying to come to a specific conclusion many times the only thing you can do is simply "Say Thanks". In that appraoch you learn to let go of what you thought should change or what you expected but didnt recieve. In that you learn how to let peace remove the need to know that will drive you insane. You thank the experience for what it taught you and for the people it brought your and even for the people that it removed from you because all things are lessons that God would have you to learn but you have to not only be willing to take the test but you have to be willing to do your best to pass it in order to show your faithfulness and appreciation for the journey. We all wish life "had stayed the same" but it didnt and thats the only thing you cant ever learn but can only experience. So hold on, smile and enjoy it because the good thing is nothing last forever not even the tears.... #HaveHope

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Decisions come to us all the time. The decision to forgive, love, marry, accept, tolerate, pray, and simply live. Each step, each move, each choice requires some sort of action that calls you to be and do better. Growth is a good thing because it allows you to move, experience, sit in and saturate the new; the things you were holding out on and afraid of, it requires your soul to elevate. The reason we must love and embrace radical change is because we serve a radical God. A God who was willing to dress himself in human form, step out of the comfort of His created glorious heaven, walk on, in and with this sinful world and in the sovereignty of himself demand for the execution of his own life to be handed over and ransom for a people who hated him, would continue to deny him and who constantly reject him even as he calls us now.

We must be willing to come to a better, bigger, and more enjoyable place in our personal, individual and relationships with others because if we hold on to our history we do it at the expense of our destiny. God is calling all of us to follow his “Now Spirit” and to do what he is asking us to do in order for us to see the fullness of his glory; the only question is: Are you willing to do what is asked of you? #Amen    

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Press The Refocus Button #Relax

 Sometimes in life we get busy, frustrated, confused and we don’t even recognize
chaos have come into our life. Life can get to you dealing with church, family,
friends, work and yourself can take a toll on a person and then you try to find
a way out it may seem overwhelming because life just doesn’t stop and it’s not
for the faint of heart. When this happens you need to find someone you can
trust with all of you and vent to them and hear and listen what they have to
say because sometimes what happens to you and around you can be too much to
bear alone. Don’t freak out when truth shows up and your door; actually welcome
it because it helps you to refocus your purpose in life. It’s nothing wrong
with not being ok sometimes, the problem is when you decide to stay in that
place of unrest. We all are taking long journeys and what needs to change is
that you need to say “Self it’s time to get to joy”…. Move forward, keep
praying and enjoy the new ride…


Friday, October 10, 2014

Its Not For The Faint Of Heart #ChooseJoy

When Christ died for us what He alone did was offer us Himself. In Himself the charecter of Joy is created, held on to, understoond, and grasped. Our culture tells us to search for happiness but Beloved happiness is temporary and fleeting but Joy is eternal hope that is only found in the Salvation of the God of love. Joy tells you to look at God an...d not at your circumstances. Joy tells you to hold on even when you dont see the end result. Joy tells you that disapponitment, failures and even death have a purpose. In fighting depression, guilt, worry or anxiety those are things that the world puts out there that are contrary to the Joy that is found in Christ alone and that is why he has to be our hope and our foundation because without Him as the force behind all that we do we will fail spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Stay encouraged because God's best in Christ for you is Christ Himself. #ChooseJoy #KeepItMoving

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stand Out #WhatWillYouSay

Leadership requires that you have a lot of compassion, empathy and a deep love for the souls of the people you are ministering to. You can never get into a situation or find yourself in a situation where you are not leading with one of these traits especially in the midst of the storm. You can be in a storm without letting the storm be in you. You have to stay steady and enthusiastic about the mission you are on and you cannot forget what God told you in the light because in the dark you will need to hold on strongly to that revelation that Jesus told you. God gives you a vision because he knows that in your humanity you will need to be convinced that the toil is worth it because you will have to loose everything in order to gain more that what your imagination can hold. As you lead remember to be kind to everyone because everyone is fighting a battle they cant talk about, so in compassion remember that love will lead you all the way. Leadership is hard, difficult and at times the decisions you make will have causalities, but as long as you keep going you will be fine and remember the results will never look like you planned but they will always be better than what you thought. God Bless & #KeepItMoving

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Mike Brown Situation #PrayForStl

Why There Is No Peace Until There Is Justice #PrayForSTL

So as most of you, or all of you know I have been live and
in action when it comes to the whole Mike Brown case and I have been at many
rallies, peaceful and non peaceful, and most of the press conferences and
church services since the beginning and I will be attending the funeral. First
of all I did all of this so I can keep a honest report for all of my FB,
twitter and blog followers and I have stayed out of the marching but only to
sit on the side lines and video tape, interview people and see what the political,
media and civil rights leaders have to say.

Let me start off by saying this: it is my belief that the
only TWO people that have a dog in this fight are Mike Browns mother and father
because as I have repeated myself they are the only ones who have to put their
child in a box and then put him in the cold ground and if you have ever
experienced that 1st God Bless you and second you know that the
worst tragedy besides someone dying and going to hell because they don’t have a
relationship with Jesus Christ  (and I didn’t
say be a church member but if you’re looking for a church let me know) is to lose
a child. So that’s been my whole stance from the beginning and that is where I come
from so before you attack, comment or question anything that I am going to say
from here on out please note that this is my heart, soul and mind when I think
about the details that we know so far about this case.

6 bullets are aggressive and excessive for an unarmed man. I
can justify in my head two, and remember my late father worked at a jail and
his assignment was to break up fights and violent riots and I have seen videos growing
up of what the police had to do so I totally understand and support physical
force to stop a situation but 6 bullets I can’t justify in my own personal
head. For me after the two shots that connected in his side, that’s what the examiner
said the other day on the news,  I am
calling for back up immediately and then I am beating the suspect down because
any parent would rather have their child judged by 12 than carried by 6.

I think that the officer had high adrenaline in the moment
and it was not his intent in the moment to kill the young man, so that’s why I don’t
believe that he deserves to go to jail I just think he needs to sit down in
private room with his lawyer and the parents of Mike Brown and their lawyer and
explain to them what happened. I don’t think he needs a desk job after thinking
about it because personal experiences that happen to all of us affect us all in
some way, its human nature and we all would be lying if we said differently. I
think the city needs to buy his house and assist him in moving somewhere out of
the state and for him and his family to start over, life has plenty of “start over’s”;
I have had a few in my life, change is always comes to teach us something and
we can either be positive or negative about it, but it’s our choice and for the
safety of his family, that is the best option in my opinion. And for all of my
friends who are saying to me why are you not supporting the officer if you don’t
believe what he did was intentional, the answer is this because he is still
alive and his parents don’t have to bury their child and remember I am not
supporting Mike Brown because I saw the video tape of him robbing the store, he
clearly an aggressive person, but his parents are separate from him. My father
was a HORRIBLE parent to his child, me, but that does not reduce in any way my
continued prayers not only for myself but also for my grandparents who had to
put their baby in the ground 29 months ago. When it comes to being a bad parent
he was on the top ten list in history, he didn’t do his job in training me to
be a man, thank God for my grandpa, but I still have a broken heart for my
grandparents because his wrong against my soul doesn’t cancel their misery.

I applaud all peaceful protestors and all church and faith
leaders for leading the peaceful protest and while we may disagree with their
signs, chants, and opinions at least they are doing it without conflict or
violence and that needs to be applauded. And to all the officers, especially Johnson
we need to be appreciative of him and the other black and white officers who do
their job well. We even saw the other night a white officer hold up a gun to
protestors saying he was going to “Cuss Word” kill them and I applaud the city
for letting him go indefinitely the next day. Alderman French, Rev. Jones, Rev.
BoBo, Rev. BT Rice, Former Congressman Carnahan who I think should take another
run or at least support French 1000% in getting Congressman “No Show” Clay out
on the next election; all of these people need to be commended for their
leadership and so many more.

When it comes to the riots, the people who have robbed,
broken into and vandalized property this one statement sums up how I personally
AND A TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BAIL! #JustMyView Because the bad people are making
the good people look bad and instead of talking about the grief of these two
parents were talking about idiots, instead of talking about all the good
businesses and coming to support them were talking about idiots. And for the
record I am not just talking I went to the shoe carnival that was broken into
the other day and spent $100 and thanked them for staying in business in the

Also I do believe that the Country Prosecutor does need to
step aside in the case because a young black man killed his father and I am
just not convinced that in a high profile case like this you can put your
personal views aside because when you lose a parent to a tragedy it changes
you, trust me on that one. So I think that governor Nixon should hire two women
one black and one white and have them take over the case because then no one
can say in whatever decision is made it is based on race or gender, that’s just
my way of avoiding problems later on and even have the black one be a
conservative and the white one be a liberal, let’s try to eliminate all bad
press ahead of time.

I also want to encourage everyone to register to vote and to
vote in every election, I hear so many people say I don’t vote because I don’t want
to get called for Jury Duty, just tell them you believe in the death penalty, that’s
what I do it works every time lol. But please if you want things in your city
to change, then vote. They even send you a card with your voting place on it
and the date of the election so go and vote!!!

When it comes to Race in America let me say this I was
raised by my parents and grandparents to treat people how they treat you, I
have people in my life who have the same blood running though their veins that
treat me worse than an enemy, so it’s not about social class, race, gender or
even religious background for me, it’s about how you treat me. I have Muslim, LGBT
Community, atheist, liberal and all kinds of friends, Yes I am always telling
people “get to Jesus” but I am never rude about it and I love all of my friends
and I just don’t believe in tolerating people I believe that true maturity happens
when you can accept people right where they are, Jesus taught thatJ! Because that is what
he did; Jesus didn’t say go get right first then come to me he said “Anyone who
calls on the name of the Lord Shall be Saved”. I am a young black pastor of a
majority older white church and our secret is the Jesus. At the cross were all
sinners in need of a savior and we take the time to get to know one another. I
am 6’3 240 pounds and young and black with my own swag. The world says that doesn’t
work but our church shows it works everyday because I have people who were born
before blacks and women could vote, still while the KKK was a dominate force in
America, before interracial marriage was legal, before Brown Vs. The Board of
education; who call me Pastor Robert. Don’t tell me the world can’t change, don’t
tell me there is no hope, don’t tell me that it doesn’t happen because my
church is on the front lines leading it every day.

So the question is how did we do it? And the answer is we
got to know each other and daily are getting to know each other. We worship,
pray, talk and get to know each other. We have liberals, conservatives, and
people from different religious backgrounds in our church and we get together
every Sunday and we say “Hey I’m a sinner, o wait you’re a sinner too… Perfect let’s
get to Jesus”.  When the world finds
common ground and realizes we all have our prejudices and “sacred cows” and all
of us have idols that get in the way of our hearts being fully pure and just
simply get to Jesus no matter what else you believe then and only then will we
see any lasting movement because God is everlasting all by himself. So more
importantly let’s call it what it really is not a race problem a sin problem.
Blacks and whites will always be different just like men and women. I didn’t know
what green bean casserole was until I went to college and I’m still trying to
teach some of my white friends how to do the eclectic slide (that was just a
joke, yall know I don’t dance- LOL). The point is our difference should bring
us together and say I want to know what that is or try that or experience that
and not tear us apart. I might not make it a part of my daily routine but the experience
will make my life better. That is what we all should be striving for because
life is a journey, not a destination.  Pray
for our city, Pray To Jesus and May God Have mercy on us. Let’s continue to
pray for the people who have to put their kid in a box and in the ground, that
is our responsibility as people who believe in something bigger than us. Also
my final point in this for all born again baptized people, if the world will
come out by the thousands to rally for a death, what do you think can happen if
we effectively tell the world about a death that gave them life #JustSaying J… OK God Bless, be nice
in your comments, I am not looking for approval or an argument this is just my
view of what’s gone on so far… #PrayForSTL

Monday, August 11, 2014

Martin, Malcolm, Bobby, John, Rosa, Coretta, Dorthy... Why We Need To Pray For STL #GodHearsPrayers

Maybe you have forgotten or even more realistic maybe it wasn't taught accurately or imprinted on the hearts, souls and minds of the next generations of those who where to come. Just because you didn't boycott, sit, stand, protest, march, or have to suffer doesn't mean you don't carry the weight, responsibility and blood on your hands. Martin was murdered for standing up for freedom, Malcolm was shot in cold blood in front of his family for changing his position, Bobby was struck down because people didn't like how he was merging the races together, John was murdered in cold blood because of his unwillingness to compromise, Rosa was put in jail because she just wanted to be treated with fairness, Coretta put aside her grief and marched on anyhow, and Dorthy carried the torch until she witnessed for herself "Yes We Can". As a black man 365 days a year for the last 29 years and a proud black man I am disgusted with the events of tonight in the city of STL. What has not been focused on is that a mother has to put her child in a box and then put him in the ground. I think of my own mother and how if the events of this last week had been her child she wouldn't have wanted this chaos to over shadow her heart break rather she would have wanted you to tell her how much of a positive influence her baby had made in your life. This mother will never again see his face, touch his skin, or smell his fragrance. And more importantly a soul has had to come into judgement in the presence of a Holy God. We have a racial problem in this country and we are seeing a glimpse of it played out in STL tonight; the truth is we have a sin problem that corrupts the soul of this great nation. But more importantly and really the only thing that matters to me is that we see the consequences of a lost, sinful world, and a generation that doesn't know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. We are all SINNERS and no persons sin is bigger or worse than another persons sin so what we have to do is focus on the only thing that can help us try to strive to be better people and that is real Love. Real Love comes through knowing Jesus Christ more each day and when we acknowledge that we need to get over ourselves and we need to let truth ring loudly and freedom penetrate every area of our nation; only then will we be able to have real, lasting and mind changing results. We have taken prayer out of our schools and expect for kids to have self worth, fathers have abandoned the homes and we expect for boys to know how to be men and for girls to know what leadership and virtue are really about, we have a society of grandparents that are raising their grandchildren and we expect kids to know their value and importance, and we have sugar coated Jesus Christ as truth and now for tolerance sake calling the divine "the universe" so we don't offend people.  Well I am over it and tonight it has hit our very own backyards and the "chicken of evil" has come home to lay it's egg and all of the political correctness and sensitivity has left us with "bad yoke" on our faces.
I am saying this as a young black minister of the gospel of the good news, that it is time now that we bring moral, ethics and biblical truth back into our communities and we teach people how to live a life that is acceptable, loving, kind and caring; otherwise know that this is just the beginning of destruction to our very own community. The picture is bigger than black and white or poor verse the police. I have been raised all of my life with white people, all of the schools I went to where majority white but my fifth grade year; all of the churches I have been on staff at have been majority white, and my father worked at a prison most of his life so I know about the police system.
This has to do with the sin sick souls of a generation that doesn't have a moral compass and people of faith have to get out there and stop being timid or scared of being called "whatever" and present the good news that God is love and that Jesus can save you from sin and yourself and that when hard things happen in life and in this community that you can push through it. I am tired of people whining and complaining about a system when the majority of people don't vote their hearts and beliefs and then sit down and complain about it. People in STL county complain about change but they let Charley Dooley who was doing a great job and was the only black leader to show up tonight to try to calm people down get voted out last week. Where is Lacy Clay? Where is Rev. Nance? Where is Rev. Bobo? Where is Rev. B.T.Rice? Where is Darlene Green who is the longest serving black official in the this generation of STL? Where is Rev. Jones? Where is Alderman Reid? Stop complaining and vote or sit down and be quiet because you just let a great American be kicked out of office because you didn't show up to the polls and now you want to complain and yet he still showed up for you....
I'm tired of the nonsense in our very own community. And instead of taking a positive note we are making ourselves look like animals and the devil is winning and getting joy out of this terrible situation.
What we need to do is let the investigation take place, pray for the mother who has to put her child in the ground, and come together and say what's really going on and how do we get to the root of the problem. I could have easily been a statistic. Divorced home, alcoholic father, six different schools in my life; but the difference was this: the church was the center of my life. My life wasn't fair, but who's is? But because biblical truth was put in me, eventually the fruit of the labor blossomed and now I see that everything that showed up on my doorstep to my heart was to help me to have empathy, understanding and compassion for people and that is where I operate from when ministering to a lost and dying world. I am just one beggar trying to tell others where I found eternal food and His name is Jesus. Its a personal relationship not based on yourself but rather on God's grace and His mercy. So with all the horrible worldly events that have happened tonight let us remember this in this moment and hour of horrible destruction: that all things are lessons that God would have us to learn so what we must do is learn from this moment, join together in prayer and make sure we are training our boys to godly men and our girls to be biblical women; this isn't about the shooting or the death of a young man, beloved, the picture is so much bigger this is about a generation that is starving to be raised in truth, because we can clearly see the consequences of neighborhoods, communities, cities, states and a nation that don't have Jesus Christ as the center of its compass... #KeepItMoving #GodBlessSTL #PleasePrayForThisGeneration

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Singleness Is Not A Disease

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.”

In January my grandparents will celebrate 55 years of commitment through biblical marriage to one another and as sit back and watch them and how they operate I am amazed at the grace of God and how he shows them how to daily give grace, understanding and strength to one another. Their marriage has been my front row seat to what commitment to just one person really looks like mentally, physically, emotionally and yet keeping their own identity and embracing the fact that some part of the other person resides in the whole picture of who they are as a person. It’s about daily forgiveness and liking a person more than you express romantic love to them. Most of my seminary friends got married while we were in college and while I was never the first person to sign up for a relationship, at each wedding or when I found out someone was engaged I hoped the best for them but was never envious of what they had because I knew for me I never wanted to be married in the abstract just because everyone else was doing it or because I was getting older and it was the “normal” but rather I wanted to be married to someone: their whole personality, their whole being and all of them on the good and bad days. I believe in biblical marriage and I fully support it and think it’s the best choice emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally; it just hasn’t happened for me yet. Marriage takes a lot of compromise and sacrifice in everything that you do,  you have to not only think about how it will affect the other person but you have to be excited from your soul to want to bring pleasure to that person. I don’t want us single people to look at our current state as bad or rush into marriage because we want to “fit in” or “be normal”. For me my life as never been conventional or normal according to the unspoken rules of society. My life has always had a twist to it and I’m ok with that now, it took me a minute to get there if I’m honest but looking back, all of the things that seemed broken to me were not broken they were just different stones on my path to finding my place in God’s ministry. Those unique situations helped me to come to an understanding that being right where I am today is right where I am suppose to be. Don’t long for love when you can love yourself by viewing yourself through what God says about you and if you don’t know what he says about you then pick up His book and read it (The Bible); Starting with John 3:16. You're loved, you're enough and you're perfectly planned the way he wants you to be, yes we should always be striving for more, but the more is him and not what this world thinks. Again marriage is a good thing, relationships are a good thing, but if its not meant to be for you right now in this time of your life don’t stress or worry about it, what it means is that your suppose to be putting your energy into something else at this moment and remember you don’t want to just settle because your lonely, you want someone to want to be with you, to cherish your time, to appreciate you, and to love you unconditionally and if that person cant or wont then RUN away with the quickness because you were created for so much more. Don’t be in a relationship or get married just because it’s a trend “well everyone else it doing it”; no you focus on what God wants you to do and be happy for those who he has blessed with a spouse because it’s their time and wait on your time and if it never comes, that’s ok too because what God’s plan for you will be perfect. Stop trying to change God’s plans for your life and enjoy the journey your on now because this is the life you were given so celebrate it and celebrate God’s personal individual Love for you; Remember Life is not a rehearsal this is the show: everyday, every minute, every second; so look at how your performing and focus on that!!! … #LoveYa #KeepItMoving

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Matthew 9:19-21

19 Jesus got up and began to follow him, and so did His disciples. 20 And a woman who had been suffering from a hemorrhage for twelve years,came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak; 21for she was saying to herself, "If I only touch His garment, I will get well."…

A lot of times people come to me and they ask me for my best advise. It seems that we live in a modern day society that ask the questions “What do you want your legacy to be” or “What do you know for sure”. Well I know that life has many adventures and roads and nothing is guaranteed that we can see in the natural. I know what heart beak is when you want something so bad it just makes you cry. I know what its like to be the baby boy of a person who suffered and died from the illness of alcoholism. I know what its like to get in front of people in a crowd and hope that something you say will give them a little bit more hope for the day ahead. I know what its like to feel what you want and not have it. To pray for something so long and not know what the outcome will be. I have dreams, fears and stories that have yet to be told. But if you ask me what my best advice is that would be to desperately get to Jesus and use the women with the blood issues as a clear example of determination and fearlessness. She didn't have any other options, all her resources had ran out and no one could meet her need and give her what she was looking for: doctor, lawyer, friend, family member,or even spiritual leader. But when she heard that Jesus was coming into town, she picked up the shame that had been placed on her,ignored the physical pain she was in, silenced the embarrassment that was to come her way and she just got to Jesus because she declared if I just touch his garment I will get well. I'm not talking about organized religion, even though I personally am a advocate for it,what I am talking about is a personal relationship with Jesus. All of us can understand when our desire or wants aren't meet, but as humans we all have a deep spiritual need to be forgiven, made brand new and to be loved to the core unconditionally. Where all going to make mistakes, take set backs and fall off the road some days but if we can just keep getting up and getting to Jesus he will meet your needs. Hang in there, and don't forget your just passing through this earth until you reach your heavenly home. #StayEncouraged

Monday, July 21, 2014

Life Is Hard Now Deal With It

In the book of Esther the powerful words that are stated and spoken of conviction, morals and determination states as follows: “If I Perish Let Me Perish But I Won’t Change My Convictions”. All we know for certain about ourselves is that we are all going to die. You may have a funeral, celebration, party or just a grave site gathering. But whatever you decided to do you know that regardless if it is by casket or Urn that your road will end. What do you believe in? Jesus, Karma, Angels, or nothing at all; the debate is settled that you will exit and you don’t know when or how you just know you’re going. I would encourage you to find a life worth living not just for money but for appreciation. So many people I run into in life get paralyzed by hard times or broken hearts. It didn’t work out, someone died, things didn’t go the way you wanted them, and people’s expectations let you down. Whatever the situation is for you it’s time to live, face the facts no matter how uncomfortable they are and move on. There are no guarantees in life but the one thing I personally know for sure is that if you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ he will meet all the needs of our soul. I am not saying it’s going to be perfect facing the truth about what you’re in denial about is never perfect or easy all I am just saying if you hold on, live right and stay in personal prayer with Jesus then he will give you the desires of your heart. Life is hard so you might as well stick with a God who can be trusted and his name is Jesus Christ… Love Ya God Bless & #KeepItMoving

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Robert House III #101

Everyone's life is a class and we all have something to offer that can teach the world about ourselves as we see the reflection of each other in our stories, trails, joys and hardships. We all our teachers in one way or another and we all influence each other in some way. As I put a close to the year of life of 28 I have done a lot of thinking over this last year and what I have really found to be true is that we all are searching for truth. We might call it different, or get to it different, or feel, come up with a theory, idea or state of being; but we all are looking for the truth. So if you were to ask me what my life class would be at the ending of 28 years on earth it would simply be: Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have had a mother who always gave her best to me and now as an adult the more we grow together I can really love her life and by doing that love her more in our way. I have had a grandmother that put prayer and holiness in me and taught me to go to God for everything and I have seen the beauty of her strength as she put her 1st born child in a box and then lowered him into the ground. I have witnessed the consistency of my grandfather and his love has liberated me to be whatever I want to be without explanation to anyone. I have buried my father who while he was a piss poor parent, he was a great friend to so many. I have been to England, Mexico, and over 10 states. I have sat at the feet of Dr. Albert Mohler and Dr. Phil Roberts. I have loved, loss, been loved, loss love, hurt people and been hurt. I have had joys that I cant explain. I have lived in Moberly, Louisville, and Kansas City. I have lived. But with all of that when I look over the entire story: Jesus has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. When I was saved but lost he stayed. When I was sad and tormented in my soul he stayed. When I wanted him to leave because I didnt feel worthy enough to walk in his love he stayed. He has stayed with me the entire trip and has always been faithful. So whats your life story? What do you reflect? What do you aim to please or accomplish? What are you teaching? The best thing you can give and strive to do is to love because it liberates the person to be themselves in whatever form God has created them to be. So thanks for the bday wishes in advanced but my biggest gift would be that you would get to the truth and walk in it. God Bless you and I love you for real....

Monday, June 30, 2014


1 John 5:14 And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us"

If you think of the trials that you have in life as a mountain then understand that there are only three ways that you can get through a mountain: you can climb over it, you can go around it or you have to tunnel through it. Whatever the challenge that you are facing right now know that however God has designed for you to GET THROUGH THE PROCESS have confidence towards him that when you call on him for wisdom, comfort, protection or just to vent to him he will hear you. So many times and so many people feel like they have to have a plan when praying to God or have to say "the right words" or be "super spiritual" or whatever idols and lies the world has put out there about God. But the truth is you just have to talk to him knowing that he is right there and that he will hear you. Its a relationship and any relationship takes communication, time and effort so if you want to have a good relationship with the divine then you need to invest your energy into the process and make an effort because you will only get out of anything what you put into it. Life is going to have either hardships or challenges but its all about the perspective and how you view it. If your full trust is in God and not in yourself or the situation then you will see whatever it is as challenge that is doable and not something that is impossible. Stay prayed up and know that I'm praying for your victory in Jesus... #KeepItMoving

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember The Seed That Was Planted

Remember that moment when the real unexpected happened and you didn’t have an answer or even a clue on to how you were going to overcome the situation. You sought counsel, said a prayer, grabbed onto any type of hope you could find and tried to do your best. Well that is the Spirit on the inside of you that only comes from the divine that encourages you that even though you may have a lot of clouds you will have rainbows. I always am candid with people to the best of my ability, not perfect, but I make an effort to unfold some of the stories of my own journey in order to encourage others that they too can make it. I have been thinking a lot about my grandmother Margret lately and how life would have been different if she hadn’t passed when I was four years old. But what I have recently come to the enlightenment is that God’s perfect will was for him to call her home when he did so then when I got older I could tap into the traits that she shinned in. She was a nice person I am told and to be remembered for that is a great legacy. She had plenty of struggles in life like we always do but she stayed the course of no matter what happened  being nice to other people. My parents divorced when I was young and from what I am told she was intentional in protecting me from seeing any of the foolishness of two young parents. What a legacy!!! And it makes me happy to know how much she loved me and was thrilled about me. The unexpected was that I thought she would be here with me forever because of the bond I shared with her and my other grandparents Bob and Viv and how as a team they worked together to make sure THEIR baby was not just fine or ok but PERFECT AND STEADY. So in her memory and now as I enter the last year of my 20’s in just a few days I want to try and be nicer. People always say to me we know you love us deeply but were really not sure if you like anyone but Jesus, which I’ll admit at times that’s pretty accurate. I know that I can never fill her shoes of being as nice as she was but what I can do is make more of an effort to be all that I can be and who I was created to be and that is what she would want for me. My Grandma Viv put in me prayer and holiness, my grandpa Bob trained me to be a man, and even though we only loved each other for four short years her spirit of being nice always is really starting to make me think about how I can walk in my own niceness and in my own style. The lesson is this: those who transition into eternity plant a seed into our lives and if we can just take that seed and make it our own then we will honor them as we continue to grow and live in life. So as I face trails, tribulations, attacks of the enemy and personal growth I can take the seed of being nice that my grandma Margret left me and put it into the world in my own way and with my own style. That’s what becoming your best self is about. That’s what’s walking to the beat of your own drum is about. That’s what being all that your designed to be is all about. Taking what was planted into you and giving it your own style, rhythm, and beat. So if you have lost someone you love take heart that what they came to teach you even if it was only for a short while one day you will grasp it and say “Ok that’s what they were trying to show us” and my grandmother Margret taught, implanted and left to me “Be Nice Always, because you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”. Don’t miss the lesson because everything that happens is lessons God would have you to learn. #LoveYa #KeepItMoving

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Is It A Bad Thing?

Why is it a bad thing that it ended? Why is it a bad thing that the song or theme changed? Why is it a bad thing that the person left, died or cant give you what you need. What you have to realize is that not everyone comes to be with you forever on the journey of life. Some people come just for a season and what hurts us to our soul is when we try and take what God meant for temporary and make it everlasting. The less you focus on the bridge thats burning and the more you are grateful for the path you have left the less sad you will be. We have to be determined to change our focus and to start looking at Life and the things around us as God looks at it. Not as a loss but as a lesson and until we do that we will have to continue to repeat the lessons over and over again. So what is it that you gained? What did you learn about yourself; remember it was never about the other person in the first place it was always about you. What you tolerate, how you teach people to treat you and how you react to the energy of others. You can either be your own worse enemy or you can be victorious but the decision is up to you. You can take the bricks of life that are thrown at you and continue to trip over them or you can use them to make a staircase to the victory that is already yours. Hold on, dig in and surrender your all to the all knowing God and he will bring you the tools, comfort and guidance that you need. Remember its never to late to find the joy you've been craving for in your soul. #KeepItMoving

Monday, June 16, 2014

Take The Risk

My soul is in lingo it’s been here before, trying to decided if it’s important to hold on or to let go. The issues that surround me seem so deep and heavy but I know that if I hold on things can get better. Getting better does not mean things will look the same or feel the same or act the same. Most of the times getting better must mean losing everything. There are blessings in the breaking of your situation. Roads in life are meant to change and they don’t have to be left behind with bitterness or regret. Most of the time things change and what you can do it be grateful for the lessons you got out of it or choose to be bitter, but the choice is yours. Walking away is never easy, but if you hold onto your history you do it at the risk of your destiny. Fight for yourself. Fight for your own joy. Fight for your own freedom. If someone or something or some type of experience informs you that it fully loves you, then it will fully liberate you to be all that God has called you to be and if it doesn’t; if it comes with expectations or conditions then that is ego and choose for yourself not to be around that situation. You must be free, you must be yourself and you must get to a place where you enjoy your life and the love of yourself and until you get there you’re always going to be wishing or hoping for something different. Free your mind and the rest will follow. #KeepItMoving

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Class 101- Discover Who You Were Created To Be

Over the past few weeks a lot has been going on and a lot of memories have been coming to my mind. My friend went to heaven a few weeks ago and it has just got my mind thinking about myself, life and what I hope the core of my soul really is. Its also NBA finals time and it makes me think a lot about my dad because I know he is somewhere eating BBQ, drinking several beers lol and getting ready for the series.

As I have been thinking and going over things in my own soul I always want to be on the path of discovering who I have been created to be even more in depth everyday. I want to know more about God's intentional and personal love for me. I want to figure out and correct the habitual sins of myself. I want to make intentional efforts to be more kinder and pray more for people. I want to read my Bible more and discover the lessons, stories and principles that God has for me. I want my story or legacy to be that I knew that Jesus Christ loved me, saved me and wants me and that I tried my best to Love him back and if in the end I have done that then I know my soul will be at rest.

My encouragement to you is to find who you are, find what God's original plan for you is. Find what makes your soul come alive and chase after it and be willing to do whatever it takes to grab hold to it. And in the process of the journey love a little more, pray a little more, be grateful a little more and make sure that your living isn't in vain.

We all have different paths, roads and challenges but in the end I believe that those who become the best reflection of what the creator has designed them to be and then return their lives with thanks to Him will be preserved for the next chapter that God will unfold when he is ready for Christ return.

Find yourself, co create your future and then thank Jesus for all he has done for you.


Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Life Well Done... Dr. Maya

“I Open My Mouth To The Lord And I Will Go, I Shall Go And See What The End Will Be” Dr. Maya Angelou sang this at the funeral of the late Ms. Coretta King and when I heard those words again today in remembering her passing I thought to myself this is not a sadness nor a death but this is someone who traveled the journey of Life with her personal eyes, soul, and mind constantly searching for what the next path the Lord had for her and how she would be used by him. Eighty- Six years of soul traveling, experiences, hardships, challenges, obstacles, joys and thrills and now her time on earth is complete. I have studied some of the poems and writing of Dr. Angelou and for me the most important thing I got from her life is to have that space within yourself where only you and God dwell. To have a sanctuary where no one is allowed in to that part of your heart and soul but God because he deserves a sacrificial place to fellowship to dwell with you. It teaches you about who you really are in the silence of holiness and it brings out your creativity, peace of mind and eternal joy. When you have that inside you then it helps you to love better, walk more in confidence and grace and it helps you to have more empathy for your neighbor. What the world needs more of is empathy, love and prayer. And if we can learn anything from Dr. Maya's life it is to be a little kinder and to pray for the people in our own circle and around the world. Life well done Dr. Angelou you where the grandmother of wisdom for this generation.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If It Didnt Rain Then There Wouldnt Be Any Flowers

One thing that you must remember when going through the rain and diversity of life is that you have already been created with the things on the inside of you that you need to fight each trial. But what you have to start doing is not looking at the mountain as a hardship but rather simply a challenge that you will overcome you just have to find out the best way to get through the situation and be confident that you will get through it and know that sometimes it takes more than one chance or plan but it will work out if you just keep pushing. You have to stay in prayer and ask for wisdom because that is what you need to guide yourself and to make it through. As devastating as many things can be and as much as you want to give up; you can’t. So release your will to God, pray for wisdom and know that all things work out they might look different in the end but they will work out you just have to be willing to sometimes let go of what you thought you wanted or what you planned in order to have what you need. Surrendering to the will of the creator is not being weak but rather its confessing that you don’t have all it takes and that divine help and intervention is a good thing. Trust Jesus because he really is for your best. #KeepItMoving

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am not going to water down anything about this note but rather take you into the space of the unknown in my own body and soul in order to maybe help you see that you are not alone. I love people but I cherish isolation. I love a good time but I hold on tightly to the moments when no one is around. This season of my life has been draining emotionally, physically and spiritually and it seems like I am always close to coming out of this season and on to another one. But here is the thing with all of the people, situations, challenges and whatever else is going on my prayer is “Lord I appreciate all that you have done for me”. It’s an old gospel song theme that I want to crave into the core of my soul because I know that this life is not permanent and that everyone’s time comes to an end. I have witnessed and seen the young and the old enter into eternity. I have seen and experienced the rug of life being pulled from underneath so many people but when you sit back and stop and think about the fact that your either ok or going to be ok or even if you never get to the place of ok your always fighting to get there then a lot of the stresses of the day will be removed from your mind. Some challenges or obstacles in life are just because God knows you can handle it and he is trying to rebirth the thing that is already on the inside of you out, so when that happens just hold on and don’t let go and know that you don’t always have to make every step perfect just try to make every step count in a beneficial way even if it means you just didn’t give up that day. Know your source, tap into prayer and never ever stop going even if you have to take a break just keep going. #KeepItMoving

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Journey Of Life Is Long And Unknown

After a while you have to ask yourself why you have stayed so long. You have to ask yourself why you have held out hope. You have to ask yourself why you have allowed yourself to “waste” time rather than being excited about the new opportunities that could have come your way. After a while you can’t wonder or blame the other person or people but rather you have to say to yourself why you have stood in the rain of troubles waiting on the people around you to change. At some point we have to be willing to let go of the comfort we have allowed other people to enjoy while draining the life out of ourselves. Life is short and it’s about actively living to the best of your ability. Establishing some security for yourself and working on your spiritual growth in the light of God’s grace. You cant take everything to seriously and you have to know when its time to let things change in order for the bigger picture to come forth. The reality is none of us like unpredictable change because we find security in the “knowing and understanding” of things. But what if that’s not the way its suppose to be. What if the mystery and the adventure of the journey is all what life is about. What if it boils down to this: The creator is seeing if the created will trust the process. You’re here for a purpose, a mission, a goal and its up to you to take in the experience, the lessons and then use the tools you have gained to encourage someone else. Have faith in the process…. God has your best will in mind #ThisTooShallPass

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What Will My Heart Say...

Sometimes it all goes wrong for all the right reasons.

 When we take a moment to look closely at every trail, tribulation, obstacle, or intentional hurt that has happened to us we can see that it created or allowed space for something new to grow in us. The divine plan for us is that we grow in order to have endurance and perseverance for the race of life. Do you remember when you thought you lost it all? What was the one thing that you hoped for... You remember... is that you would just be able to get through the situation and now look at you; you’re still here. You have to remember that and be grateful for it because it shows you that no matter what you go through you will be fine. Yes you may come out with some bad bruises, cuts and painful memories but you made it and for each trial and test you go through you are just gaining more momentum and tools to take on the next big battle. When Jesus was about to ascend back into heaven after the crucifixion he told his disciples that he would send them a helper (the holy spirit) in order for them to keep on with the mission. In other words he was saying to them, I already know that your passionate about the mission, that you believe in what is going on and that you want to stay faithful to the cause but I also know your human inadequacies and that the hardest thing going forward for you will be to “hold on” so that’s why I am sending you some help so in those moments of great depression, confusion, bending of the soul and simply just wanting to not fight anymore you won’t give up. Perseverance and endurance is not for the faint of heart but it is for those who really want to see the victory and enjoy the blessings that the divine order has already placed ahead of you. You’re not an accident and neither are the things you go through because everything are lessons that God would have you to learn. You’re having financial issues well review how you got there, take ownership for your mistakes and fight like hell to get out of it. Your heart is broken from a previous relationship well take ownership of why you allowed yourself to put some person first rather than God who should always be first. The key to holding on is to raise your hand, own your sins and turn it around. Don’t die now because the victory party will be worth enduring for. Remember what God promised you in the light so that while you’re in the dark you can hold on. #KeepItMoving

Thursday, May 1, 2014


“Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily admission of one's weakness. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart.”
Mahatma Gandhi


We all have relationships with people in one way or another. Whether it is in our families, friends, community, or spouses. Most of the time we want people to think like we do or view things like we do. We say we will accept people for who they are but the truth is we’re looking for them to somehow fit into what we would want them to be or act like. When people are truly free to be themselves and who God has created them to be then you can look into their lives and find that one thing they bring to the table that you enjoy. You’re never going to like everything about everybody not even yourself but if you’re willing to look, wait and let things just be then in each person you can find a jewel worth loving on. Our expectations of people need to stop and we need to actually turn the tables on ourselves and start expecting more from what we can bring to the table in helping, loving and making sure people are allowed to be comfortable and grow in their own skin at whatever space and place then need to be at. Remember when your pointing a finger at someone there are actually three fingers pointing back at you. The most important thing that we as people need to do is stop worry about being “God” in other people’s lives and start letting God control and change our own lives. What we need to do is to pray for people’s best and to for them to win in life and let God do the rest. We get in positions in our heads were we would rather be right than happy and the only way we will ever be eternally happy is if we make sure our own lives are checked in God grace and making sure we are praying for people to make it and win in life. God created the heavens and the earth; he has created and loved every single person that has ever been on the planet: past, present and future. I think that it’s time for us to stop trying to control situations, expectations or people and rather let God control our own individual lives and love people unconditionally and pray for them to win and have joyous lives. Once a bell is rung it can’t ever be un-rung, once a word is spoken it can never be taken back. Let’s start the movement of loving people because that’s the movement God started when he begin to love you… #LetLoveRule #KeepItMoving


Romans 5:-7-9 “For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Much more then, having now been justified by His blood, we shall be saved from the wrath of God through Him.…

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dont Go Chasing Waterfalls

Sometimes do you ever wonder why you stayed so long or why you continue to allow yourself not to live in the space and peace that God has for you. Do you ever get frustrated with the frustration of the process. You want to be kind, you want to be gentle and many times you want to go out of your way to help others to catch what they are missing. At some point we need to trust God knows what he is doing and that on the other side of the door we keep trying to open or figure out why it is closed that there is a specific purpose of protection that God is doing for us. Noah had never seen rain but when God told him to build the ark because it was going to flood, which had never happened before, there were no questions of why... he just obeyed because he heard from God and believed. Abraham had waited his whole life for a son and then when God asked him to sacrifice his son he just obeyed. In both situations God showed up and protected. God saved Noah and his family safety and security on the ark. And he also sent a lamb in the bush for Abraham to sacrifice as an offering rather than his son. What God is trying to do for each of us is get us to the point of clarity of mind, body, soul and spirit so we can hear clearly what he is telling us to do. We all have a mission and a passion that we have been created to do but unless we stop the craziness from our lives and prepare ourselves to trust and obey and listen then we will never been able to experience all the promises that God has for us as individuals. If God is in the blessing business why not you. You are his creation and he intentionally loves you by sending Jesus to die for our sins & all we have to do is be willing to claim it, declare it and walk in the freedom of what Jesus wants for us. We don’t have to always understand all the specifics of his plan but it is important to do what God has told you to do. Not everyone’s going get it and that’s ok. Not everyone’s going agree with it and that ok. Not everyone can travel every road with you and that’s ok because many roads are meant to be traveled alone because its way too important for you to miss out on the blessing so that is why you must walk alone by faith and not by sight. In life you will walk into some relationships, friendships and even family relationships that have to come to an end because not everything can be equally yoked on this side of heaven. Some people just drain too much of your energy and are too negative to be a part of your life. It’s ok to say goodbye and yet still keep a relationship with people by praying for them. Our biggest mistakes sometimes is we try to make seasonal people and situations life time cohabitants in our journey in life. Not everyone can catch the vision. Not everyone can hear what God has said to you. But when you know what God has said to you, stand on his promise, trust his mission and keep moving. Don’t take it personal remember people are broken too and sometimes their too afraid of their own fear to acknowledge that and cooperate in a healthy co-existent  relationship with you. Stop having expectations of sinful humans and just do your part by praying for them. You can only take being burnt so many times. Remember its not giving up its changing plans in order to be fully available and ready for whenever God says "Who Can I Send To Do What I've Asked".... Don't worry you will survive.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I'm Feeling Today

“I might bend, but I won't break…I might stumble, but I won't fall”


I think it occurs several times in all of our lives where we just get tired of reaching for the goal to be happy. Isolation is so much easier because it doesn’t have any requirements and the only rules that have to be followed are the ones you set for yourself. Getting out there; testing the waters; building relationships and friendships is so much harder because of the risk that it involves with the heart and soul. That’s why we tend to lean to settling when it comes to our lives. We don’t reach for too much because of the risk of failure, let down, embarrassment or disappointment. But here is the thing: that’s not living. Living freely and abandoning fear requires you to take the risk, expect some failure, rearrange your plans, but to never stop. What if the fulfillment is not in the destination but rather in the journey. What if the journey is the destination? A lot of times we get so convinced in our own minds about the picture we have set in our heads that we forget to listen to the messages of our hearts: “Did you see that”, “Did you hear that”, “How did that feel”. It’s not about arriving so much as it is more about growing, learning and discovering more about yourself. Happiness isn’t outside in, but rather inside out. Most of the time the reason we haven’t fulfilled all that we are suppose to fulfill is because we haven’t felt all that we were supposed to feel. So when you’re tired, and down and out and ready to give up. Take a breather, rearrange your thoughts and then get it together. Sometimes there is a reason why your dreams only live in your head and never make it to your heart. #CatchTheLesson #YourHappinessBelongsToYou  

Monday, March 31, 2014

What Else Do You Have To Loose

Someone once asked me how do you go through life with all

the hills you have had to climb, valleys you have had to walk, oceans you have

had to swim and still stay in your right mind. How does your soul cry on a

daily basis and yet you still have joy. How does your heart ache and break into

a million pieces and yet you still have unconditional love. How is your mind so

stressed but yet you can find it in you to speak the right word of

encouragement. The secret for me is I have eliminated everything from my life

that once fooled me to believing that it would bring me any type of solid

eternal everlasting hope but Jesus Christ. I’ve had some amazing experiences

that I’ll never forget. I have had conversations with some smart people who

made me think out of the box. I have been loved by friends and family and I can

actually say I have had a couple of people in my life who have given me as

close to humanly possible unconditional love without any expectations or

requirement. But even in all of that I am only as close to being complete as I am

ever going to be when I am in communion with Jesus Christ. I am not talking

about a religion or even a church. I am talking about an experience in a

relationship with Jesus Christ that reassures you that your all will be well

with your soul. Don’t you just want to know that your battle is going to be

worth the fight? Don’t you just want to know that your struggle isn’t going to

be in vain? Don’t you just want to know that when the dust settles all will be

well with your soul? That’s what experiencing Jesus Christ does for me and I know

that it will do the same for you. I’m not a big reader so I have to have a

bible reading schedule and I have to get books that speak to my soul because

God knows what I need in order to make it just one more day. Sometimes depending

on my mood I’ll just put in some old gospel songs and just let the words sink

into my mind. It’s all about changing your thinking. And when we change our

thinking we will begin to not desire to be filled by the emptiness of the

world. I’m not saying to you that when you come to Jesus it will all be better

but what I am saying to you that every time you come to him he will make you

feel better. He’s not a God that just takes away your suffering for suffering sake; but rather he is a

God who is willing and able and WANTS to sit with you in whatever season of life you’re

in and really truly be with you. So no I’m not in my right mind and most days I’m

not ok but then I’ll just get around Jesus and declare or at least say to myself

“at least he knows the answers so even when I don’t feel like its going be

alright or even think that the decision or outcome is good or for my good; at

least I am assured Jesus will never leave or forsake me”. I cant promise you

that the outcome is what your expecting but I can reassure you that when you

stay with Jesus Christ he will help you to come to some type of conclusion,

ending, explanation, understanding or reason behind why you had to fight that

way and for so long. Be assured that Jesus wants to personally be involved in

your life, so why not let him, what else do you have to loose….. #KeepItMoving

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


As I sit and look back over these past few months I am so grateful to God for loving me in spite of myself and the situations I have allowed myself to be in. Since September of last year it has been a roller costar of events and emotions that have involved shocking details when it comes to family and friends. I have had to protect myself by being honest with my own vulnerability and weaknesses in allowing myself to create a healthier atmosphere where I can go into myself in order to save myself. I have gotten over the idea that everything is supposed to be a certain way even in my relationships with family. It was heartbreaking for me to realize that some people won’t change and that some people are just the way they are but it was also freeing because it took the responsibility away from me that I had placed on myself. I must confess that I still hate change and I am not one for new experiences because I am afraid of the unknown and the deep root of my sin nature is control. But what I am a witness to is that when you step out in desperate faith Jesus will meet you with a solid ground. God’s not trying to trick you or play games with your anxiety. He just wants to keep reminding you of his faithfulness so when he calls you will be able and willing to go. The reality is that we need to stop holding on to our past because we are doing it at the expense of our future. Remember some people just won’t change. Remember some people are too broken to fix. But also remember that all people need love.  I’m not saying overdue yourself and drain yourself when it comes to needy people. But what I am saying is to remind yourself that those people need love and prayer as well. Even if they drive you nuts which is hard for us people who by nature can’t stand when people get on our nerves, we still have to love them in the best way we can and for me these last months since September I have just been staying in prayer for people daily even when they don’t know it. I’m not bragging or suggesting what you should do I am just giving out what has worked for me when dealing with problematic people who drain the life and energy out of you. Stay prayed up and responsible and that will help you get through this life. Remember not everyone can walk with you down every road and also remember to be smart about who you choose to be wide open with because some people don’t have the ability to handle your heart in the proper way. Forgive quickly, pray often and remember the people you deal with are broken too, so find the best way you can to give them the grace that Jesus has extended to you… #KeepItMoving #ILoveYou

Monday, March 24, 2014

Say It Now!!!

James 4:5 "Or do you suppose it is no purpose that the scripture says He yearns jealously over the spirit he has made to dwell in us"


Why does stuff keep going crazy in your daily life? Why does it seem like nothing is working out and that everything you do it going up in flames? It because God is fighting for your soul. Here’s the deal at some point along the journey called life you must confess that God is real. How personal you think he is to your situation is another topic but just simply confession that there is a God out there is soul awaking awareness that has the ability to move you in the right direction if you are willing to take the class and apply the lessons to what the truth is. We all want to believe in our minds that we have the answer or have figured it out well the truth is if that was the case we wouldn’t be suck in these wild emotions that make us re-examine things on a consistent basis. With any new thing you do in life there is always going to be fear in the change but the question you must keep asking yourself is your current situation worth not at least exploring the possibility of what the God who knows the unknown is trying to tell you. You haven’t figured it out. You don’t know the answers. Your confused, upset and to be honest scared. So what’s the lost in listening, obeying and following what God is saying to you in your personal time with him. Your time is now to say to yourself “I declare my relationship with God is going to get better” and then to make it happen. Its time to break every chain from your life and move forward. Life happens, but remember God is fighting for your soul. #KeepItMoving

Monday, March 17, 2014


Daddy, (Robert Noel House Jr. AKA 'Big Yogi' March 24, 1961- March 17, 2012) Its been two years today  since you had to depart and I will continue to cry for you everyday of my life. I will miss you every moment of every second of every hour of everyday until I die; I really haven’t figured out how to go on without you while I am carrying this sadness but I do my best and hopefully one day I will learn how to manage this pain. It’s like being tortured alive that’s the only way I can describe the depth of agony I am in; all I want is for you to come back and be on earth what you are now in heaven and yet I know that can’t happen; even in this moment I weep. I know that you now know how I feel and that no one else can understand or grasp this journey I am on and daddy that’s the hardest part wanting someone else to be able to understand what I am going through and yet recognizing no one can; I just don’t want to be or feel alone as I go through this process but I know that I am asking for something that can’t be granted and I know you are sorry that this is what your death has left me with.  I will mourn our potential and celebrate the fact that you are no longer suffering. I will pray for your soul everyday and yet rejoice in God’s perfect plan. Keep listening to me when I talk to you, keep hearing me when I pray for you and keep growing and learning all that you need so even while you’re gone you can be the father to me even now that I really need. Wait for me at the gates of Glory because I can’t wait to see you again and start a new journey with you in heaven. I love you more than I can say, I miss you from the bottom of my aching soul and I am praying for you still…  I hope you now know how much I really did need you.

Your One & Only

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Your Going Make It

 I must confess and repent that since leaving Louisville and the death of my father two years ago I have been in a world wind of emotions that hasn’t always allowed me to perform at my best and be there for people in the way that my calling has made room for me. I was way to busy focusing on the “what ifs” and “whys” then to take the lessons of the pain, disappointments and sadness and use them for the good of God and to help other people. I think so many times in trying to create a new normal we end up doing too much and not realizing that the thing or anointing God put in you in the beginning will always be apart of your mission and passion but life calls for it to evolve as we grow and become different people as life goes on. Lately God has blessed me so much by allowing me to sit with people in their situations. I’m not called to help people to fix them but I know that I am called to not leave people alone. I don’t know what’s best for people in their personal relationships with God as he directs them but what I do know is pain because it has licked the edge of my soul and sat in the heart of my spirit. And by knowing these things so purely I am able to sit with people in the freshness of their situation and reassure them that it will be ok. Yes it will look different and yes it will challenge you and take you out of a place of comfort but you will survive. The gift is not in what you can do for people the gift is in what you cant do for them but still sit with them. You cant heal people, you cant get them to the next level, your not a savior but you can be a presence. I’ve recently found so many of my friends that have lost their confidence due to different situations. But the question that I keep saying to them is when did you start to believe the lie that your value is less because someone said so or because you made THAT mistake. The truth is you lived and it didn’t turn out how you expected it and now that you have lived in that moment will you make the choice to now learn. The failure is not in the living or even in the mistake; but the failure is did you take away from it what it came to teach you. God is completely in control of everything so if he didn’t think you needed to experience it then he wouldn’t have allowed it to come into your life because he knows what you can resist and what you cant and he also knows what you will choose to resist and what you will walk right into freely and because there is no temptation that Jesus himself didn’t face he completely understands you. So why did it come? What did it teach you? And how will you move forward? Those are only questions you can answer for yourself. So take a deep breath, say a prayer, listen to God and keep it moving. Don’t stop because you didn’t get it the first time around. Now is your time to know that you deserve better than what you have allowed. Its not the other persons fault so stop blaming them; You’re an adult so take responsibility for what you allowed. (You still reading, then your alive and ok); now keep it moving. Your going survive; your going live and your going be ok. God kept you close so you wouldn’t let go. #KeepItMovingPeople

Monday, February 24, 2014


Growing up we are taught and trained to be apart of a group: family, friends, race, church, or community. We are taught that are value is in what group we are in and in that the consequences is that we learn to base our opinions about ourselves and others based on the view of the majority of the people that influence us regardless of what those views are. We tend to find our identity in those places and people. We control are outlook, actions and attitudes based on what other people think. It cripples us because for so long many of us go along life not knowing who we are. Are own values, are own creativeness, and our own calling. It’s like being placed in a box and expected to go along with the flow; you get it too- why the caged bird sings because it is looking for the song of life it can identify with or the tune of life it can create and dance to. The general notion of what we all have been taught in one way or another is to “Be yourself” but the tragedy in that for so many people is that when they actually decide to do that and awake their souls and take a intentional step towards rearranging their own lifes, ideas, values, principles and actions is many times those people around them begin to freak out, question them and their actions, abandon them, begin to argue, fight and fuss with them and cause all kinds of trouble, heartache and pain for a person who is walking in their own truth and becoming who they were created to become. Instead of assisting and helping the person a lot of time they bring more harm than good. In becoming who you were created to be you have to make a decision that no matter what the cost is your going to get to your destination in order to be happy.  Once you figure yourself out then you have to be willing to decide that your going to go down that journey no matter what. Expect problems even from people who claim that they love you and only want your best interest. Expect setbacks even when it comes to yourself. Expect that you might even have to be willing to change the plan of the process while holding on to the vision. When building a house the plan looks great on paper but when it actually comes time to build your going to encountering situations that are going to force you to make adjustments but you don’t give up you just keep pushing until the house is complete. That’s life and with any goal you have to hold on to your vision and make the adjustments needed in order to get to the outcome just make sure you never loose yourself in the process. I never thought that would happen, is something you will find yourself saying many times, but remember you also never thought you would be on the road to discovering your full truth and potential. For every heartache, headache, setback and misstep there is a plan and lesson that goes with “finishing the house” in order to make it better. Be confident that God is the builder of your house of happiness that your soul must dwell in. Jesus is your life coach who will guide you along the way and the Holy Spirit is the encouraging who keeps telling you “Keep Praying and Keep going”. As my grandparents will so often say to be “Little Robert Its going be ok, keep doing you, It’ll work out”. #KeepItMovingPeople #GodsGotThisOneAndTheNextOneAfterThat   

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dont Be Surprised People Do Change

There has been so much going on in my life lately that I can’t even begin to configure everything into a simple blog. But the one thing that has been a constant reminder through all of the things that I have been going through is that it’s all going be ok. I have seen family members and friends change in drastic ways recently. A lot of trust has been broken, words have been said that can’t ever be taken back and actions have definitely forced me to see people who I thought were close to me in a different light. But here is the thing about this time around, I’m not sad about it or devastated about it. It’s been an assurance that I have held on to that this will be ok whatever it is and whatever happens. I am not responsible for people’s actions or their words. I am not responsible for what people do and say. All I am responsible for is myself. I have been on a quest to get my happy back and what I really think that is about is being comfortable in my own skin and my own decisions and not letting people or situations effect me. I am done with feeling guilty about others actions and choices family or not. I am done with feeling like I should say something different just to avoid people’s egos getting bruised because they can’t handle the reality of the situation. Here’s the deal I am going state the situation let the chips fall where they may because holding in it causes way too much stress. Here’s the deal one day my feet will get cold and my eyes will shut and that is a guarantee for everyone so while we are here we should at least be happy and if those people around you aren’t willing to be happy with you or celebrate in your happiness then it might be time to let them go. Not everyone even family members who start the journey with you are suppose to end the journey with you. Don’t get upset when people betray you, hurt you, leave you or force you to leave them because that just means you’re being saved from trouble and preserved for something greater. God doesn’t just want you to get to the victory; he wants you to get to the victory with less burses as possible. So trust Jesus and Obey the father and in all of this God will give you a purpose for your pain. Let you pain, your problems and your entire struggle be intentional. Never forget only God is good so don’t be surprised in peoples behavior….

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Just Say Thanks

Each and every day we take for granted when things are going well. We take for granted the goodness of God and how he has blessed us and saved us from ourselves and the people around us. How he is has not only rescued us from sin but how he has shielded us from trouble that we don’t even know about. Even in darkness my soul shouts Amen because when I begin to stop and think of the goodness of Jesus Christ and all that he has done for me I can’t contain how grateful I am. Yes there is trouble now and there will be trouble coming and yes things aren’t the way I hoped them to be but overall I think about how gracious Jesus has been to me and I can’t but help say Amen.  Whatever your going though just say thanks… Whatever it is Just say thanks and God will bless you…