Tuesday, November 17, 2009

She died.....

An Obituary printed in the London Times -

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who had been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

- Knowing when to come in out of the rain;
- Why the early bird gets the worm;
- Life isn't always fair;
- and maybe it was my fault.

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge).

His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.

Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 4 stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, I Want It Now, Someone Else Is To Blame, and I'm A Victim

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

Monday, November 16, 2009

You where there....

The rabbi, the teacher, the great prophet all of these names are what they called him. Messiah, friend, and the one who forgives sins is what many of us knew him personally to be. The night was dark, our spirits were low, tears flowed from our eyes like streams of salt water; we his followers were broken. We the people who knew him couldn’t believe that this had happened. We knew not what they said of him or accused him of. The crucified personal messiah is now looked upon as he hung so high but felt so low. Jesus of Nazareth had come, had healed, had lead and brought light now this Jesus, Mary’s son, Josephs boy was dead. How could one who spoke life of living waters into the souls of multitudes, how could this man who knew the scriptures better than the religious leaders themselves, how could this friend of so many now be the unrecognizable, beaten, dead body hanging on this cross? Justice been served to pilots plot? Maybe for some, but for us, his disciples, followers and friends we had lost more than they had gained. They gained attention and the satisfaction of a lynch mob, but we, in this moment, had lost our leader. A innocent man had been murdered.
In the first photo what we see is a group of people who all were there for different reasons. A short woman who he had called mother, friend, mentor and follower now was a human bubble of unanswered questions who stood low and felt deep. The worry on her face had shown through the wrinkles and sadness in her eyes. Her bones had become weary and her heart heavy, and to stop herself from loosing her mind, she had to be there to bid him his final goodbye. Mary his mother had an intimacy with Jesus that only a mother could explain. The angel Gabriel appears to her on a mission from God and says “you will birth the Savior of the World”; what does this mean? A virgin gives birth to the savior of the world? A young girl about to be married to a respected man in the community and now an angel from God appears to her when she can be no older than fifteen years of age and says, “Ready or not, from your womb comes the savior of humanity”. She is there at the cross not just because it is her son, but also because he is her savior. She is there because while she knows the will of God, that her sons blood had to be shed and he had to be sacrificed to save human kind, she also struggles in her on flesh, why him, why now, and more importantly why this way. His face that she had kissed so many times, his smile that could light up a room, his spirit that was contagious, all of these things that a mother had seen. She gave birth to him, she was there to love him, she was there to discipline him, she was there when he had his first scrape, when he got in his first fight, she read him books to go to sleep and was there on his first day of school. Now her son, who holds to offices, her first born and the savior of the world, is not just dead, but has been beaten, spit on, humiliated, and sacrificed like livestock; and all she can do in this moment is submit to the will of God. Past her tears she prays, past her anguish- she prays, past her hurt- she prays, past her anger and all consuming confusion she not only prays but her son looks up to heaven and teaches her to forgive with these words to the ones who have just nailed him to a cross, “father God forgive them (my enemies) for they know not what they do”. In the sight of God and the angels and in the mystery of God and His power, this is why Mary, the mother of Jesus, has to be there and has to witness this from the beginning to the end, she who has taught him everything she knows- now must learn how to forgive the ones, who have killed her first born son.
He has a family, a wife and children, he has to provided for his own. So you really cant be mad at this Roman guard, he like you and I is just simply trying to do his job. Please the boss, work hard and he gets to keep his job and maybe even a promotion. He’s not involved in all the court and legal stuff; he is a man who just wants his children to eat and his home to be taken care of. But can you imagine what’s going through his mind, he is a Roman Guard, so history tells us his physical frame and statue is as big as a wall and thick as cement. He has just taken this healer from Nazareth and whipped him with a leather cord laced with nails, bones, glass and anything that would easily pierce the flesh and rip out any human organ that got in its way. He mocked him, “you save people, now save yourself” words that were meant to not just hurt the Christ, but words that he wanted all who called themselves his followers to hear. He wanted to break there spirits, he wanted to make a fool out of a cause. If Jesus was a cause that went against this soldier’s boss and that could eventually affect his job, then he wanted to demolish that cause and all who believed in it as well. Jesus no longer was a man, he was an enemy, and it was this soldiers job to destroy the enemy that threatened Pilots Empire.
Isn’t it ironic how two men completely different both end up dying on a tree? And both in some way take their own lives. Judas, the money handler, one of Jesus’ closest confidants ends up betraying the mission out of envy and greed. This was not just one of the disciples, this was Judas. The there are many lessons to the life of Judas but I find it interesting that the artist would put Judas in this picture, but yet it is needed. Greed, shame, lying, deceit and betray all cause Judas to take his own life. Love, Mercy, Kindness and Forgiveness of Sins all are the reasons why Jesus had to sacrifice his life. The things that are evil to the world will eventually kill themselves and that is what is betrayed in the hanging of Judas. The characters that all of humankind need more of are all betrayed in the hanging of Jesus.
The disciple John is the one whom Jesus calls his “beloved”; the one whom Jesus loves. He was there at Jesus baptism, he was there at the transfiguration, he was there when Christ raised their friend Lazarus from the dead, he was there at the last supper and now he is here at the execution of his messiah. This is not just a friendship created by years of traveling with one another on a journey; this is an unbroken and unspoken divine bond. Intimate to the point were they shared a dream, personal to the point where they shared their emotions and now they share a mother. As Jesus is dying, as Jesus is forgiving, as Jesus is physically trying to hold on from the suffocation that is taken place to his body as he hangs by nails jammed into his flesh on a rusted cross, he gives John his mother. He reminds John of the mission that true and pure religion is to take care of the widows and orphans. He reminds John, that even in this brutality of death, there is still life that has to be taken care of by those who will trust and obey the commands of God. While Jesus hurts for his friend, his beloved, John- he still teaches. John is not here for John, John is here for the mission, he is here to remind us all that even in death Jesus has promised us that he is the resurrection and the life and those who believe in him shall not die.
The artist in this picture portrays an excellent skill of ivory carving that captures every detail, moment and touch for the viewer. The expression on the hanging Judas is solemn, as one who couldn’t stay alive in his own skin. The tree which he hangs on willows with sadness as it appears to be caught in the conversation of the winds. The artist carves Mary as a widowed woman, her face says, “confused” only because her heart is broken. John’s arm is extended as though he wants to touch him one more time or maybe the thought is crossing his mind to pull his dying friend off that cross. Johns face says, “I am here buddy”, when many of the disciples couldn’t stand to see Jesus like that John, his beloved friend is there. The Roman Guard who is just doing his job, appears to have a knife in his hand possibly going to stab Jesus in the side to try and cause him to die faster, but he appears to be stuck, stuck in the sudden glimpse of looking at the face of Jesus and wondering, “what if I just killed an innocent man?”. And the artist portrays Jesus in the best way with the beautiful brown color of the carved ivory, “I surrender”; he is not surrendering out of defeat, but rather surrenders out of victory. He has just sacrificed himself for the team. He dies, but you and I live.

The State of Black Fatherhood

I wonder what it would have been like if daddy had of stayed, instead of leaving me behind, if he had just stayed focus and prayed.

If he had been there to hold me tight on all those rainy days, maybe now I would know how to swim through all of life’s unmanaged days.

I wonder what he would have said to those monsters in my bed room closet, Maybe now I wouldn’t be so scared to fight the monsters in the closet of my life.

Tonight I was at a friends house, and this was a home. Not because of the structure of the house, but because of the family in the home. A mother and father with a commitment. children who knew that they were loved and felt safe, even though all of them are grown and out of the house. What kept this family sane is that they have two fathers. A father in heaven who has walked their days out for His glory and a father here on earth who adores each child as an individual.

I don’t think we as a nation can underestimate the fact that people who grow up without fathers and without responsible fathers become broken adults. Regardless if you have a step father or grandfather, something is still missing in the human soul when a person grows up and realizes that their biological father made the choice to abandon them. We cant begin to have to conversation about fixing our nation without putting this as the number one issue we need to address. Kids needs to be taught morals and God by their fathers. Kids need to be taught to stay away from crime by their fathers. Kids need to be shown how to be productive individuals by their fathers. We cant fix health insurance problems in America without address the heart issue in America.

We have over 2 million men in American prisons today’s. 90% of those men didn’t have a active father or father figure in their lives. 95% of men who end up on death row made it their without a father in their lives. A society cant train up a child neither can a community- these two things can function as positive or negative resources but A father must train up his child and tech him how to be responsible.

I was sitting at this table tonight and the I was surrounded by love and laughter and joy- but to be honest with you all I could think of, and this is not fault of the family, is I KNOW and am CONVICNED that I would be a better person if I had that growing up. If I had the security of a father, the comfort of a home with the father as the protector and the encouragement of a solid father- I know that most of the mistakes I made, I would have never made them- because I would have known my worth in my fathers love and in his security.

Today I think that the truth must come out, regardless of how evangelical you may be, we all must confess that fathers are a must in a society with so much distrust. We must remind men that if you create a baby you must actively engage that child in a productive raising with morals and goals and love- because you will change a child no matter what, but will you change the child by being there or by being absent.


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Just My Opinion- I could be wrong but I doubt it!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

When The Government Takes Over

I find it laughable when people say that I am an extremist or politically motivated by a party. I am neither, but rather someone that focuses on individual issues. When it comes to Universal Government Ran Health Care- I oppose it and will make direct links to what I think that it will turn out to be. I will agree with anyone who makes common sense, but I will not sit by and be called a liar, extremist or someone who is stretching the truth. It’s not my personality so I find it dismissible when people say these things. Let me say this I love when people comment on my Blogs- I write them because I care about the nation and the direction that we are going. I have been getting criticized from the Left and the right for comparing Universal Government Ran Health Care to: Black Slavery, Rape, The Treatment of Native Americans, And the Holocaust. So now I will defend all of these things but my point is not to defend me, my point is for people to understand the seriousness of Universal Government Ran Health Care and while it will lead to some sort of Americanized Rape, Slavery, Holocaust and Brutality.

Rape- what is rape. Rape is when a person is forced to provide sexual accommodations to a person against their will. Universal Government Ran Health care will be forced upon people against their will because the private sector of the insurance companies will be forced out of the market place and will not be able to keep up the services that they provided now. Insurance companies will be forced to by out to the government and the government will force the insurance companies to sell them all of their products and services. Rape is ultimately when another person bullies an innocent victim. The American people and insurance companies are going to be bullied by the government. They will be stricken of their freedom and rights to compete in the insurance market and forced out of the market leaving millions of Americans scared, without or lacking coverage and no longer having choice or freedom to say no and that they don’t want to give their money to the government. My comparison makes sense, because the same way rape victims become subject to: force, being bullied and made to do things they don’t want to- is the same thing that is going to happen to the American people and to the insurance companies.

Black Slavery- It was a law that blacks were property and they were forced to do what the master said to them. They were killed by the slave master, beaten by the slave master, they didn’t have any say in anything and things were done without their knowledge or approval. Blacks contributed to the founding of America and yet they benefited in no way, because their freedom was denied and they were forced to be treated like animals and in many cases animals were treated better than the slaves. We will not have a choice when Universal Government Ran Health Care takes over because it will become a law. This force of power will make people get health care. There is a mandate in the Bill that says all Americans must purchase health care- it won’t be a choice. You have to do what the Big Master/ Government says to do and not only do you have to buy health care in general more 9/10 times you will be forced to get the Governments Health Care because you wont have many private options. When you’re old and sick the government can do the same things that the whites did to black slaves, and say well they are of no use anymore just let them die. There is no significance of life and no value to a human being. If it cost too much to keep you then they will let you die, and that becomes a regulation on the life of humanity- the same thing that happened in Black slavery; the masters were allowed to regulate life. The two are interchangeable and the same concepts because the government now replaces the white man and the American people now replace the slave.

The Treatment of Native Americans- Native Americans were just minding their own business and working their land. Not everything was perfect, but we don’t like in a utopia of humanity. The white man came over stole their land, forced them to work for them, beat, killed, raped their women, and murdered their children. The American people have just been minding our own business, not everything is perfect, but the majority of us can afford health care and do have health care. Not until the government came in and said you can no longer buy health care across state lines, they will beat our insurance companies up and bully them into selling the government their products, kill our seniors, rape our women in the sense that they will allow a doctor to decided during child birth if a women is worth saving if she becomes sick and force our daughters to take shots that will slow down their female reproductive system and my cause them to not have children because we are over populated and they will allow tax payer money to go to help abortions of our babies in instances of rape and incest and don’t think because they say “that’s it” for now they will not try to make it go for ALL abortions. This is just the beginning to the end if we don’t stand up and say enough is and stop the government from coming into our private sector and forcing us to do things we don’t want.

The Holocaust- Do you remember what happened to the Jews. Adolf Hitler came in and promised the people that the government would help them and take care of them and all would be well. So he comes in and takes over manufacturing companies, then steel companies, then food stores and then he took over all companies that helped to produce and do business with the world. He promised the people that he would make things better. In the begging of Hitler’s reign he made good speeches, encouraged the people, made friends with many of the people on his side of politics and on the other side. He seemed like a really nice guy. And then if you didn’t talk like him, look like him or agree with him suddenly there were massive graves, imprison camps, torture camps, the gassing of millions of people. Hitler wanted things to be his way and perfect in his society- so he made religious quotes and next thing you know he decided to assonate, rape, and kill millions of Jews. All you had to do is agree with him and his government and things would be ok for you. Remember when Obama came on the scene in 2004, great speech everyone loved it- he spoke of the utopia of America and how we could all become ONE in these blue states and red states. And then out of no where just like Hitler he emerged on the scene to become president. He became friends with loyal people in his party- Ted Kennedy, Al Gore and even with a few republican- Chuck Hegel and Bob Gates. He took over the auto industry, bailed out banks, gave federal government money to all 50 states and to many businesses not just in the federal or government level of the local states but also to private home owners and businesses. He took over in a sense, and bailed out America and Americans and now all these people owe him and the federal government the money back. You know the saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, well all these people felt like Barack Obama feed them, so I am sure if he ask for something or ask for a return for the favor he did for them, they wouldn’t mind doing it. UMMMM does any of this sound familiar to you. Nice guy, good family, religious beliefs, appears to be a hero around the world. Sound familiar? If you opposed him he took you out- look at Fox News- he doesn’t want the truth to come out. He says that people like Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace and Bill O’Riley are after him. Does he not realize that 1/3 of the executive positions held at fox news are blacks. Does he not realize that the Fox News White House Correspondent and One of the longest running anchors at Fox News is an AFRICAN AMERICAN…. Umm but if you oppose him, he tells the American people- “don’t watch fox news” why because he wants you to continue to drink the juice of “the government can save you” motto because if he and the far left liberals can take over things then they can decide the direction of this nation, just like Hitler did. So I write these things and express my opinion because I don’t want to be cooked live, imprisoned, raped and beat to death like the Jews were and I don’t think you do either.

Listen my first passion is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that God sent Jesus Christ to die for the sins of those who will believe. There can never been social reconciliation because there is no such thing as ever reaching a utopia but we don’t have to sit back and allow the government to kill off our seniors, murder our babies and send the rest of us to a man made created slavery and social welfare because of a few left wing nuts. But there can be reconciliation for those who trust in Jesus Christ. Love country, but love Jesus Christ first and everything you say ought to be out of Love for Jesus Christ and your fellow neighbor.

Just my Opinion, I could be wrong, but I doubt it!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

America... Dead!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen a very significant piece of America has been assonated tonight by far left liberals & one republican in the House of Representatives. The United State House of Representatives has officially passed a Health Care Bill that will include a Universal Government Ran Health Care Take Over of the private insurance market. Let me make this very clear and I say this with the facts to back up every statement I say and the common sense truth. Now is the time for Christians and the church of Jesus Christ to stop being wimps and preach the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who don’t have a relationship with God because they need to have a eternal hope and a peace that their residence is Heaven and not America because we all are about to be forced into slavery in America. Christians must stop being intimated and start telling the truth. Jesus Christ is the Only way to heaven and without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ you will go to hell when you die. People need to hear this more than ever because America took one step closer to allowing the government to run more aspects of our lives, to put people in early graves and to deny freedom to the next generation of people.

We are about to become like Black Slaves, Native Americans, and Jews. Every time in history when you see a government that had more control and rights than the individuals of the land, then those people where dictated. I know some people think this is too harsh of a comparison, but challenge you to argue with me where I am wrong. When slavery was a law it was controlled by the government and it killed, beat and destroyed the souls of an entire people group. The government controlled this law. When the Native Americans were being treated horrible and their land was taken from them by force, it was done by the leaders of the new establishment of the “New World”- it was not illegal to treat Native Americans like this because the “law” or establishment said this was ok. When the Jews were cooked alive by Hitler, this happened because it was the Law of the Land. The government controlled what was going on and what was going to happen.

We are in two wars right now because two separate governments are oppressing their people and dictating to them what they can do. Our men and women are been murdered everyday for fighting for freedom of other people. Mothers, Wife’s and Children are crying themselves to sleep because our soldiers are loosing their lives to fight for freedom for a people who were being starved to death, murdered by the masses, raped, beaten, lied to and dictated by their government and yet we are giving our freedoms away.

Is this the change you wanted and expected? Did you expect that the first black president of the United States of America would be the guy who would massive kill off, slaughter, rape, destroy and dictate minorities and for the first time put average white American conservatives who disagree with liberal policies in slavery as well. Liberals are raciest and they are using a black face (Not saying he doesn’t believe this stuff but I will argue that he has been tricked and taught by people who believe this stuff “Bill Ayers” just to named one and then as far as killing off the white side Pastor Jeremiah Wright) to destroy not only black America but white America.

I say liberals are raciest for a number of reasons. All these liberals in office and yet look at Katrina. When Al Gore Lost the election his National Campaign Manager was a Black Woman, Donna Brazille, did she become the next Democratic National Chairperson or has she since- No- they gave it to a white guy, Gov. Howard Dean. The facts are that Plan Parent Hood targets poor Mexicans and Blacks for abortion, why because liberals want to eliminate minorities in America. Who Killed Dr. King? Liberals!!! Who Killed Bobby Kennedy and John Kennedy- Liberal Socialist. Who tried to kill Pope John Paul the Second- You guessed it a liberal, Malcolm X- yes for Malcolm they were black men, but who paid them WHITE LIBERALS; and Who Shot Ronald Reagan- White Socialist Liberals.

My point is this Liberals want to kill off black people, they want to treat us like Jews or put us back in Slavery, because if their not going to kill us directly they will try and kill the leaders who actually do positive things for minorities and blacks.

Universal Health Care is not only a target to Kill off minorities, because lets be honest the majority of people who will be tricked to thinking that this is a good idea is minorities, but they are also going to kill off conservatives and anyone who opposes what the government says. Look at the Government now, anyone who disagrees with anything the Obama Administration does, they try to kill off in some way: Fox News: They have told people not to watch fox news. Rush Limbaugh: One of the head guys in the NFL worked for Obama’s’ campaign and made it clear to the other owners who were trying to buy with Rush that he was “Not welcomed”.

What do you think that is going to happen to you? There is a mandate in this bill- if you don’t want to buy health care they will penalize you. You will get fined if you make the choice not to buy the governments health care or any health care but you wont be able to afford any thing else. Trust me; my health care has tripled already.

Now is not the time to sit by. Now is the time to write Obama and your representative and tell them to STOP TRYING TO KILL YOU!!!!! Did you know it only takes 30 emails or letter about one subject for your Senator to start paying attention to the issue!!! So if just 30 of us write Obama and Our Senators and tell them to stop this crap- then maybe something can happen….. Please go to WhiteHouse.gov and tell the president to keep his hands off of your life….

Just My Opinion…. I could Be Wrong But I Doubt It!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Big Wins For America

As an American I think that we all can say that last nights victories where not just about a political party, but last nights victories where about the constitution being defended and voters/ tax payers declaring that they don’t want big ineffective government poking their fingers in the private sector of American lives.
We had some amazing victories for the conservative movement last night and I feel like people have been reading my blog- lol and taking the ideas that I have said all along would work. Our fight is not about the GOP or against democrats; our fight is for our personal freedoms. Today many of the main stream media will try to play down the victories but I would encourage our president, who I think is a reasonable man, to stop listing to the far left and their leader Nancy Pelosi and to realize that the majority of Americans don’t want was the fruits and nuts from the small part of San Francesco want; we don’t want government ran health care, we don’t want government regulations on small business, we don’t want government defense programs all around the world, we don’t want government telling our private education what to do, we don’t want government taking our money and bailing out the rich- NO ONE IS TO BIG TO FAIL IN AMERICA, and because the far left thinks its ok to bailout rich people they will continue to suffer the consequences of loosing elections to constitutional defending candidates. We don’t want anymore government telling us what to do and dictating to us what we can do in our private lives.
We won in New Jersey, not because of a scandalous governor; we won because people were tired of being lied to. We won because property taxes our way to high. We won because we are spending way too much money and not seeing any results. We won because the rich were being forced to take care of everyone else, and not being allowed to freely by choice give their money to organizations in need. Rich people already give and pay more taxes, that’s an obvisous- the more money you make the more taxes you pay. And then they don’t have enough money to give to private organizations that actually help people like: Saint Jude Children hospital and the Red Cross. Our candidate was called fat, uneducated and not charismatic. And those things maybe true, but what he had was better ideas and determination to not sell his soul to the government establishment, REMEMBER WHEN OBAMA SAID HE WAS GOING TO BE LIKE THAT HMMMM- rather he spoke to peoples concerns and said here’s my plan and lets try and make it work as best as I can. The reason why Obama is failing is not because he is not a nice guy, but because he made over 500 promises, who he thinks he is- Jesus- there is no way he can hold to all those promises. Listen to me now and when am I wrong- Obama is another Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr.- He has made promises he cant keep and he will suffer by loosing most of his senate and house seats and more than likely his own.
We won in Virginia, because no one is creating jobs. Our candidate didn’t run on anti abortion or gay rights platform, we know he disagrees with those things but that was not his platform. He ran on want people in Virginia need. They need a job. They need security for their families. They need to know that they can retire, and send their kids to school. They want the opportunity not a hand out. They don’t want the government giving them anything, just staying out their way so they can make it happen. They want better education for their children not teachers indoctrinating their kids for a liberal belief system and singing songs praises Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They want to know that if they try they can have a better life. Smaller is always better and smaller government, allows people not to be suffocated by the rules and laws that enable people from getting health care from across state lines that cheaper. People cant buy health care because the government wont let them, it has nothing to do with the lie that its not affordable or accessible, its not allowed because Nancy Pelosi wants you and me to give more of our money to the government and buy health care from the government so the government can regulate who lives and who dies, because if they can do that then when people who think differently then them can be put to death. That’s what they want to do; they want to kill off conservatives. And again if you don’t believe me ask the millions of Jews that are dead because of the Holocaust, and ask the millions of blacks who are dead because of slavery and Jim Crow Laws- when the government can regulate, they will regulate your life and that’s why people in Virginia elected a conservative: Governor, Lt. Governor, and attorney general.
To my gay friends in the State of Maine and around the country again America has spoken and we don’t want to legalize same sex marriage. We don’t care if you want family rights, those you can have. Civil Unions are fine and I personally can see how the constitution can make way for that, but when it comes to the word and yes it is the word: MARRIAGE!!!! You cant have that and I believe that America will continue to push against people who want to redefine what God has established and what the majority of Americans want and will fight for: the word marriage protected as one man and one woman. Not as something different because if we allow gays to marry then we will soon allow people who want to marry their animals to take place.
This is America and it doesn’t matter if you are red or blue. We all want freedom and we want to represent the constitution and if big government socialist liberals think that they are going to take over, we will continue to remove them from office.
God Bless all the newly elected conservatives and may they serve the people and not the politics.
Just My Opinion- I could be wrong but I doubt it!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Remember when Dr. King came on the scene it was historic for America. All peoples in this nation and around the world began to think. We began to think of hope and a better world were we could all sit at the table of brotherhood and fellowship with one another. We began to think that our neighbors really did have souls and that our children could live in a world of peace and play with one another.
Remember when we found out about what Hitler was doing to the Jewish people. He was roasting them like cookies in a oven. They were people being cooked. Men, women, and children striped of their dignity and pride. Raped, beaten and slaughtered. This caused a movement. We stood together. No longer could we stand to see people who felt like we felt be burned alive.
There is history in this world from the begging of time that causes human beings to have a reaction and motivates them to a cause. They look outside of themselves and hope for heaven and push for righteous. They come together when privacy and freedoms are taken away.
I am very passionate about Church growth and revitalization. Its my calling. Its why I have been in school for so long. But my other passion is politics and what I see taken place today is my fellow brothers and sisters sitting by and allowing a government that is already WAY to big to come in and take more of our freedoms away.
The election of Barack Obama was historic. I cried as an African American. I believe that I can be anything in America I want to be. I hope that many more blacks like myself feel like we are finally citizens in a world that has treated us like slaves even until the 21st century.
But just because my emotions are high does not mean that I am going to sit by and let someone who has a liberal school of thought come and take over my nation. Take it from the center to the far left. When America gets universal heath insurance, then America will be over as we know it.
There has never been an effective government ran program. When it comes to education, welfare, housing, veterans benefits, women’s issues, civil rights, the justice system. There has NEVER been a program that the government has run well. When we think of education either the cost are too high or the schools are lacking in effective programs. Welfare is a joke, they take give a person money but then tell them they cant work and make a certain about of money without giving up their benefits. Housing is crazy, you have to qualify to be in a certain class and then you cant even better yourself or you have to move out. Veterans have to wait MONTHS just to see a doctor and their prescriptions are outrageous. Women can have children but then be considered a risk on the job for being mothers. Civil rights aren’t civil anymore and the justice system can lock anyone up for any accusation without cause or evidence just because someone “said something”.
All of these government ran programs are out of control and dangerous to the average person. And now we are considering letting the government control issues on life and health. This doesn’t make sense to me or to people who values freedom and respect democracy. We can have “In God We Trust” On our money but then we cant even pray @ work or school. Why? Because the government says so.
We are Americans and to sit by and allow the government to run our health is crazy. I encourage you to vote against anyone who would even think about voting for a government ran health care plan; tell the government “Thanks but kiss my butt”.
I could be wrong but I doubt it!!!