Thursday, February 19, 2009

To Sum It All Up.....

I have to be honest I am still holding my breath and crossing my fingers until May 16, 2009 when I walk across the stage. You know me 3 months in my world is a long time and I cant allow anything to get in the way of me graduating from Midwestern Baptist Seminary. Everything here is really well and for the first time since I had to leave Louisville, I feel like I am suppose to be where God wants me. I have some hope again and that is a good thing. I don’t feel guilty anymore for loving my new friends, because for some reason after I was forced to leave I felt guilty for giving my attention and love to other people besides my Louisville family but now that I recognize change is constant, I am ok with this new plan. Make new friends keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold (my grandma taught me that). But for the most part things have worked themselves out. I am hoping to find a church or a non- profit job back in Ky where I belong or somewhere else- lol. Wherever God wants me is how I feel. The people here are great and things are turning out well remember this: There are two levers for moving men: interest and fear.” Make sure that the reason your moving is because of interest and not out of fear. I love you much and am thinking about you always J

Monday, February 2, 2009


So school has started off to a good start. If everything goes well I will be walking in may and I will only have one math class to finish over the summer time and I will do that back home at a community college- anyone want to assist in my math class- lol. What I am learning so far about myself is that I really like being alone most of the time. In a world full of pressure and confusion we tend to lean towards being the center of attention and wanting “not to miss a moment”. But what really are we missing. I think that when we step away from the fray of life we learn to hear ourselves more clearly and we learn to hear God better. We began to develop a better sense of self and self worth and we like who we have been created to be. We push away from all influences and we began to create our destiny by becoming a better “us”. I am finding that good things come in stillness. I am finding that the “things” that I have always thought I wanted where not true. I want more than anything- MYSELF. And in the quiet of life I am loving this. My plan for now is when I am done to find a job back in Louisville and get back to The Jones, cabals, Kevin, Alex and the crew. That’s what I want and I hoping that will happen. But I can’t go back to them until I get back to me, the Bobby that they new and a newer and improved one. I love myself, God and life right now. I am learning that this life is not that hard, you just have to live in balance. Continue to pray for me and I will for you. I love you all always….