Saturday, July 27, 2013


There are some pains that are too difficult to explain to others. There are some tears that only you can feel for yourself. There are certain grief’s that only you can walk in. There is a level of brokenness that happens in all of our lives that is only meant for you to experience. Sometimes trying to explain why you hurt so bad to another person isn’t worth the conversation. What I know in the moment is that my sadness is not meant for everyone. Its ok to build walls up in certain situations because you cant handle what others will say or how they will react because it will turn you off even more. Sometimes you have to accept the wholeness of a reality and realize there are certain spaces that are off limits to people when it comes to your heart and mind. Your not walking alone because Jesus will always be there with you but rather you are walking in step with what you have to go through. Its your journey and sometimes the only route to take is to be a little selfish because if you don’t you could not only harm others but you may harm yourself even more because once certain words are said, felt and put into your space they can never be taken back and the consequences may be too much for you to carry. So talk to God because he really can understand.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just Wait

The devil attacks you because he wants to kill you physically, spiritually and emotionally. It is the goal of the devil to kill the grateful heart because once a man has a heart of stone then he is more tempted to turn his back on God. In this moment of attack your best weapon is to stand. Look the chaos in the face, recognize that this will not turn out the way you expected and continue to stand. Faith is all about Trust. I have no idea of the outcome or how it will go but I will continue to stand and believe that God will get me to the next step. I don’t know where the next step is or how it works or even if what I do next will be positive and help me get to that place, so I will just stand and wait on Jesus to take me there. Its difficult to stand when there is no answer in sight but you must because just like before God will do it again for your victory!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Reassure Your Soul With An Amen

Prayer is the crying out of the desperate soul for an answer to the things that can’t be understood, to the pain that strangles your spirit, to the emotions that won’t stop flowing and to the answers that you will never get. Prayer is comforting for the fact that you know that God has heard you. Go to the Holy Spirit and take your request to him and give your life as a sacrifice so he can petition for you to God. Tell him everything you heart desires and everything your mind needs in order to not fail the test or trail. You go to prayer because you realize your breaking and you don’t want to let God down. You realize that on every corner of your soul you feel like your about to give up. You trust that God can handle the situation but your patience’s is running out and its not like if he doesn’t show up soon your going go anywhere because you have traveled enough roads to know that only God can save you. But you are tired and you do need answers now. So go to prayer. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel ashamed. Just pray. Pray for relief because you know your soul is sinking and only God can save you.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Healthy relationships of all sorts have to start of with you knowing what you need from the other person and making it very clear to them that these are your expectations, boundaries and rules for allowing that person to be apart of your human experience. No one can give you what you need if they don’t know what it is that you desire. So first you have to have a clear understanding of the level of your personal needs and make sure that first you are fulfilling those things before you can ask or expect anyone else to meet those things for you. You have to know you and knowing yourself requires hard work but will be worth it in the end. All of us need somebody to be there for us. We all need that person who are souls can connect with, cherish and support. We are meant to live this life with other people but we can’t expect other people to make us happy because that is only something we can do. You are the ice cream of your life and people are the cherry so make sure your “cherry on top” represents something that your soul needs to thrive.
Until Jesus Comes, Robert

The Verdict Is In

I have a lot of friends with kids and I can admit life has given me the majority of my friends to be white, so that just tells you that I don’t see color I only see good people. The verdict is in and 6 American women choose to find George Zimmerman not guilty when it came to the death of Trayvon Martin. They heard both sides, looked at the evidence, asked questions and six women from various backgrounds and ages set this man free. My argument has always been and will remain can children who look suspicious be followed by a stranger, which is every kids worst nightmare, put into a situation were they choose to react from a child’s mindset  and then end up dead. Mr. Zimmerman to me was at fault because he was the adult in the situation and Mr. Martin doesn’t even look 17 yrs old so I know that Mr. Zimmerman couldn’t have thought he was a grown man. But regardless the verdict is in and every side has to accept it because the rules are the rules, a jury of his peers found him not guilty. Now here is what my hope is now that first of all we would all pray for Mr. Martin’s family clearly they feel justice was not served and they are all still grieving the loss of their 17 year old son. Next we need to pray for Mr. Zimmerman’s family that no physical violence would come against them. We also need to pray for the jurors’ that they would be kept safe as well and that the public would have an understanding to their decision because they were the only ones in the discussion room. And then we need to pray for our nation. Our ugly sin and still painful truth the topic of Race continues to divide us rather than unite us. We must find a way to co- exist respectfully. I am not saying I know the answers but clearly the path that we are on is not working. Also we must figure out a way to protect our children in this society were a man’s thought and then act of suspicious behavior doesn’t lead to any more murders of our children and I don’t care what color they are because I couldn’t imagine one of my friends kids being killed just because they were “in the wrong neighborhood”.  I hope that we can gather ourselves correctly as a country and realize that the best way to honor Trayvon right now is to go out and help somebody and not use this moment to hate our neighbor.
Until Jesus Comes, Robert

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Take On The Travon Martin Case

Many discussions have happened when it comes to racial issues over the George Zimmerman trail and many people, especially my white friends, have asked me what are my views on this trial and the situation at hand. Most people have wanted to argue or are looking for fault in the other sides perspective. But for me George Zimmerman is not a raciest and this issue is not about Travon Martin but rather the issue for me is about following the rule of law. George Zimmerman would have went after any kid that day that looked suspicious regardless of race and that for me is the disturbing part about this man. When the 911 operator told him to stay in the house and to let the police do their job that is what he should have done. He should have NEVER left his house. If he was worried or felt like something was going to happen then he should have done exactly what he did CALL THE POLICE and let them handle the situation. George Zimmerman is not guilty of being a raciest because I don’t think he is, for me he is guilty of being an idiot. What if Travon Martin had a weapon on him or was able to over power Mr. Zimmerman and cause him hurt or danger or even death then that would have left Mr. Zimmerman’s family in the same place that Travon Martins family is in: grief. George Zimmerman should go to jail, but it is up to the jury on how long and for what, but let’s not think or accuse him of being a raciest. Let’s be clear he is simply an idiot.