Monday, April 28, 2014

Dont Go Chasing Waterfalls

Sometimes do you ever wonder why you stayed so long or why you continue to allow yourself not to live in the space and peace that God has for you. Do you ever get frustrated with the frustration of the process. You want to be kind, you want to be gentle and many times you want to go out of your way to help others to catch what they are missing. At some point we need to trust God knows what he is doing and that on the other side of the door we keep trying to open or figure out why it is closed that there is a specific purpose of protection that God is doing for us. Noah had never seen rain but when God told him to build the ark because it was going to flood, which had never happened before, there were no questions of why... he just obeyed because he heard from God and believed. Abraham had waited his whole life for a son and then when God asked him to sacrifice his son he just obeyed. In both situations God showed up and protected. God saved Noah and his family safety and security on the ark. And he also sent a lamb in the bush for Abraham to sacrifice as an offering rather than his son. What God is trying to do for each of us is get us to the point of clarity of mind, body, soul and spirit so we can hear clearly what he is telling us to do. We all have a mission and a passion that we have been created to do but unless we stop the craziness from our lives and prepare ourselves to trust and obey and listen then we will never been able to experience all the promises that God has for us as individuals. If God is in the blessing business why not you. You are his creation and he intentionally loves you by sending Jesus to die for our sins & all we have to do is be willing to claim it, declare it and walk in the freedom of what Jesus wants for us. We don’t have to always understand all the specifics of his plan but it is important to do what God has told you to do. Not everyone’s going get it and that’s ok. Not everyone’s going agree with it and that ok. Not everyone can travel every road with you and that’s ok because many roads are meant to be traveled alone because its way too important for you to miss out on the blessing so that is why you must walk alone by faith and not by sight. In life you will walk into some relationships, friendships and even family relationships that have to come to an end because not everything can be equally yoked on this side of heaven. Some people just drain too much of your energy and are too negative to be a part of your life. It’s ok to say goodbye and yet still keep a relationship with people by praying for them. Our biggest mistakes sometimes is we try to make seasonal people and situations life time cohabitants in our journey in life. Not everyone can catch the vision. Not everyone can hear what God has said to you. But when you know what God has said to you, stand on his promise, trust his mission and keep moving. Don’t take it personal remember people are broken too and sometimes their too afraid of their own fear to acknowledge that and cooperate in a healthy co-existent  relationship with you. Stop having expectations of sinful humans and just do your part by praying for them. You can only take being burnt so many times. Remember its not giving up its changing plans in order to be fully available and ready for whenever God says "Who Can I Send To Do What I've Asked".... Don't worry you will survive.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I'm Feeling Today

“I might bend, but I won't break…I might stumble, but I won't fall”


I think it occurs several times in all of our lives where we just get tired of reaching for the goal to be happy. Isolation is so much easier because it doesn’t have any requirements and the only rules that have to be followed are the ones you set for yourself. Getting out there; testing the waters; building relationships and friendships is so much harder because of the risk that it involves with the heart and soul. That’s why we tend to lean to settling when it comes to our lives. We don’t reach for too much because of the risk of failure, let down, embarrassment or disappointment. But here is the thing: that’s not living. Living freely and abandoning fear requires you to take the risk, expect some failure, rearrange your plans, but to never stop. What if the fulfillment is not in the destination but rather in the journey. What if the journey is the destination? A lot of times we get so convinced in our own minds about the picture we have set in our heads that we forget to listen to the messages of our hearts: “Did you see that”, “Did you hear that”, “How did that feel”. It’s not about arriving so much as it is more about growing, learning and discovering more about yourself. Happiness isn’t outside in, but rather inside out. Most of the time the reason we haven’t fulfilled all that we are suppose to fulfill is because we haven’t felt all that we were supposed to feel. So when you’re tired, and down and out and ready to give up. Take a breather, rearrange your thoughts and then get it together. Sometimes there is a reason why your dreams only live in your head and never make it to your heart. #CatchTheLesson #YourHappinessBelongsToYou