Saturday, August 27, 2011

The truth is life is a constant process of letting go, growing, realizing what went wrong and what you could have done better. Life is just one big lesson. You can’t get caught up on where you failed at you just have to realize you messed up that time and hope that you do better the next. If we are always down on ourselves for not being perfect and for not making the right decisions in the moment we will never grow. We will become the killers and blockers of our own destiny. God is trying to get is to our destiny here on this side of heaven and that comes with knowing him and loving yourself and your neighbor. It doesn’t mean that you will get it right every time it just means that your willing to raise your hand and say I messed up when you do and take the lessons for the journey. I think that I have figured out for me the key to my happiness here on earth and that is this accepting that I am unconditionally loved by Jesus he loves me just because and I cant earn his affection it is just there and the other part is this admitting that I don’t have all the answers and that life is not meant to be solved. A person cant blame their parents or their past or even the untimely mistakes that happened to them in life all you can do is learn and hope that you get it right the next time and in the mean time of going through the process of life try and love a few people and appreciate the moment. You cant change the past, there’s only so many times you can say sorry, so you might as well accept what is, admit to what was, and anticipate with hope what will be…..

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