Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Is Your Jesus &?

In Jeremiah 16 we can summarize it up by saying this: God gave Jeremiah a difficult task that had to be accomplished for the glory of Christ. Jeremiah is told not to marry and have a family because of the terrible future that is in store for Judah. He is told not to mourn the deaths of friends. He is not to take part in any feasting. He is to spend his life speaking words of condemnation on the sins of the people. He is to let the people know that their generation will only see and experience death. It is not surprising that the people who hear these words shun Jeremiah and leave him isolated and alone.
In the simplest form we can see that God has commissioned him to an unspeakable task. God says to Jeremiah DON’T FALL IN LOVE and not only that but no sexual encounters with a woman for you all the days of your life and when you go through life your going preach a message of condemnation for the people sins and their going to isolate you so your not going to have any friends and the friends you do have don’t even mourn their deaths because of their sins.
Can you imagine what that must have felt like for Jeremiah? We get so caught up in worldly pleasures and wanting God to bless us with material positions when really what we need to do is to seek the Glory of God. Jeremiah was ok with the task that God had given him because his soul was satisfied in God alone. His feasting was in God, his relationship and intimacy was with God and he enjoyed himself in God. He was given a mission and a task to forsake all worldly pleasure and to preach what God had told him to. We as people need to “break up with our egos and love God more”. We should not desire the things that are suppose to make us “happy” but rather we should desire and seek after eternal Joy and that is only found in a relationship with God.
We must be determined to pick up our daily cross, abandon our own lives, and seek whatever God is calling us to do. This life can’t be about you and I but rather it must be about God and what he is calling us to do. My prayer for myself this next year is that I would get over my goals, ambitions and my own way of thinking physically, mentally and emotionally and that I would seek havens joys everyday and not my own.

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