Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How I'm Feeling Today

“I might bend, but I won't break…I might stumble, but I won't fall”


I think it occurs several times in all of our lives where we just get tired of reaching for the goal to be happy. Isolation is so much easier because it doesn’t have any requirements and the only rules that have to be followed are the ones you set for yourself. Getting out there; testing the waters; building relationships and friendships is so much harder because of the risk that it involves with the heart and soul. That’s why we tend to lean to settling when it comes to our lives. We don’t reach for too much because of the risk of failure, let down, embarrassment or disappointment. But here is the thing: that’s not living. Living freely and abandoning fear requires you to take the risk, expect some failure, rearrange your plans, but to never stop. What if the fulfillment is not in the destination but rather in the journey. What if the journey is the destination? A lot of times we get so convinced in our own minds about the picture we have set in our heads that we forget to listen to the messages of our hearts: “Did you see that”, “Did you hear that”, “How did that feel”. It’s not about arriving so much as it is more about growing, learning and discovering more about yourself. Happiness isn’t outside in, but rather inside out. Most of the time the reason we haven’t fulfilled all that we are suppose to fulfill is because we haven’t felt all that we were supposed to feel. So when you’re tired, and down and out and ready to give up. Take a breather, rearrange your thoughts and then get it together. Sometimes there is a reason why your dreams only live in your head and never make it to your heart. #CatchTheLesson #YourHappinessBelongsToYou  

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