Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Seat of the Soul

The seat of the soul is filled with many aspects: religion, love, hurts, disappointments, achievements, goals and attitudes. We find ourselves searching for the fulfillment that only a relationship with God can give us. In happiness we rejoice, take pictures and savor the emotions that we felt in the moment. In pain we cry, try to explain and duel in the battle of the mind and the heart. To these things there are only a failed attempts due to our totally inability to consciously focus and understand all of who God is and His abilities. We are for a moment in the physical young, confused for a lifetime in our wisdom, and seeking without complete satisfaction because we have not been created for this fallen evil world; rather our hearts have been sowed together with the Fathers, only to have be separated by the fall of Adam.

How do we understand? How do we reconcile He is sovereign and we have free will? How do we fully trust what we cannot see? We are lead to duty and to battle in many circumstances and relationships in life and when it doesn’t work out we hang up our equipment. Do we let go of our imagination and settle for the simple? Do we look pass the disappointments and continue on? Do we take the stones that have been thrown at us and turn them into our stepping stones?

Only the wise keep oaths they have made. Only the persistent march on in spite of what seems to be a lost. We gather, we re-huddle, we pray, we fast and we hope and we walk by smart faith and not by sight, because we know who our general is and we have faith that He who has begin a good thing will complete it. The artist will always finish his work; the cook will give the recipe to her learners; the teacher will never give an assignment that cant be completed. So we too must remember that in His love He is more generous than man.

If He stirs the soul, He will give grace to the desire; if He has created than He wont leave you behind. So in our mission to answer the callings from: anger, pain, joy, happiness, disappointments and the seat of the soul- if He has given those things to us to experience surely he wont leave them unanswered.

The one thing that I am certain of in this life is that: whatever happens there is a reason behind it. And it may take years to figure it out but the thing about experience is that it gives you the lesson first then the answer. Be true to your calling and your creator. Be true to whom you are and in the process He will work out all the questions. Don’t pray for patience, pray for strength in longsuffering.

Be Blessed

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