Wednesday, March 25, 2009


1 Corinthians 7: 17 “ only let each person lead the life that the Lord has assigned to him and to which God has called him….”
I can only speak for me when it comes to this but in reading this maybe you will find some relatable truth. I use to live off of the advice of others. You would always here me say “so what do you think I should do…?” When it came to my pastors, friends and family I would always want to know what others thought was best for me and then I would do what they said whether or not I agreed with it. I was looking for approval, something that was missing because of an absent father. I was hoping that they would have “the answer” not realizing that they are fallen humans just like myself and still in search of their own patch as well. I wanted to: please, show loyalty, and do what was “expected”. All of this time I was doing this for people, and respectfully sometimes some of those people had good intentions, and I was doing it for the Divine God who had already assigned me a mission and called me to it. This entire time I was looking for myself. I was looking for what I was “suppose” to do. While all along the creator had been waiting for me to come put on and walk in what He had personally created for me. The love, approval, and need to be whole that I was “getting advice” for, was right there all along in the hands of Him, who lived and died for me. How did I come to realize this, how have I come to some unexplainable peace….. I came to Jesus. I wasn’t worried about who was looking. I cant worry any longer about what people will say about me and all the fires I have started and bridges I have burned….. I just had to come to Jesus. He loves me more than I love myself and that is what I have been looking for…. A Love that can’t fail, because I am damaged good…. He has an assignment for each of us and He has called us…. So let us put aside the advice of the fallen…. And Let us Come to Jesus…. He even wants all of us Zacchaeus’

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