Monday, August 31, 2009

A Fast Update

WOW- I can’t believe it summer is already gone and I am now embarking upon a new journey for my masters program. Midwestern has been a blessing in many ways but it has also been crazy for me in many other ways and starting this new semester I have found myself experiencing the crazy ways of this Seminary. But I believe that God will prevail and that His majesty will be displayed for all to see. Lately I have been thinking about the difference between the permissible will of God and the perfect will of God. And I am praying if which camp I am in. I wonder if you can ever get back to the perfect will of God after stepping off course. I am not really sure about this concept. Also I am trying to figure out how you know for sure which path you are on. I think that we all feel at times inadequate and confused even in the “OK” moments of life. I think that for the Christian we tend to put our hope in God and know that whatever happens next He will be in control of it. But what happens if you unintentionally step off track. What if your intentions and direction are meant to glorify God, but you make the wrong choice. Yes God is absolutely sovereign and in complete control and everything is for His glory and to exalt the name of Jesus Christ, but what happens if you misinterpret God’s will for your life at a particular moment.
This summer was great I took some classes, and that’s where the whole crazy part of this school comes it- LOL. I went to Louisville I got to see Zach, Derek, Whit, Kevin, Andy and the crew- it was pretty much amazing; I wish God would call me back there, maybe He is, but I am not sure. I have to make many more trips back there this summer. Its always fun visiting family.
Well I don’t have really anything exciting to say….. So Be Blessed and May God Guide All Your Steps

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