Friday, June 26, 2009

My View On Michael Jackson Death......

One of the regrets I have in life is always the stereotypes and prejudices that I have placed on people, regardless of the reason. I now say to people when I hear them judge “don’t spit up in the air, because it just might come back down and hit you in the face”. We look at the governor from South Carolina who aggressive attacked and sought for the dismissal of President Clinton in the nineties after President Clinton had an affair, and now ten years later this same man who was spouting hate and calling for the Presidents head, is facing his own battle with an affair that caused betral to his children, wife, state, political party and country.

Yesterday we lost an American music icon, Michael Jackson died of heart complications at the age of fifty. He changed the way music was heard, perceived, and produced. His hits, awards, and musical accomplishments are too long to list. At some point in all of our lives we have been affected in a good way by music, and for his adoring fans, his music changed their lives. We don’t have to understand or agree with everything about a person to emphasize with the family. Today a mother has lost her child. Three children will never hug their father again. 9 brothers and sisters will only have the memories of their brother to hold on to. Anytime death happens, there is a since of sadness and remorse that reminds us that maybe we should have done something different to reach out to the person who is now gone. Now is not the time to focus on the negative, and if we are talking about the negative of this man’s personal life it was decided by a group of his peers who found him NOT GUILTY for the accusations that had been charged against him. Regardless of what you may think, a court and jury said he was innocent; legally that is what we must accept.

The charge really isn’t to the world, but rather to the believer. Our hope is heaven, God’s destination and in times of confusion, pain and anxiety, we know who the best pain killer is: His name is Jesus and the blood that flows from Emmanuel’s veins can radically change a person and make us open our eyes to God’s unconditional love. In death the believer finds victory. In death the believer finds Hope and Rest. In death the believer lays down their burdens and sees Jesus Face to Face. Now is the time for the believer to get loud and tell people of this absolute great hope and promise that is a fact. We celebrate the creators mind for giving Michael Jackson the ability to create, and in that we speak about the creator, Jesus Christ, to those who don’t know him. Remember: “Don’t spit up in the air, because it just might come back down and hit you in the face”.

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