Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Just to reassure everyone I have not died, I was on fall break and so that’s why you haven’t seen many notes on all the political and cultural things that have happened in the last few weeks. I was able to go home and spend time with some of my family and friends and let me tell you- I BREAKED!!!- LOL had a good time, chilled out and relaxed. So let’s get started…

President Barack Obama has won the Noble Peace Prize. I think that he summed it up best when he said that “he didn’t deserve it”. Simply put, this is the fascist, communist, anti- capitalist leaders of the world who are inviting him into the club. They now see a leader who wants world peace or utopia- which can’t exist in a fallen world. I am fine with diplomacy and yes we have to admit Obama will do well with that as he has appointed Sec. Of State Clinton, so we can be confident in this; and we all can admit that President Bush didn’t use enough diplomacy; but here is what I am afraid of, I believe in Ron Pauls’ approach to diplomacy, national security, the UN, and relationships with other nations. And I think that Obama like President Clinton will sell his soul on some things to make the base of his party happy. All presidents do this in some way, but I don’t think that we can view things in the same way as we did since 9-11. Also the other part to this award is a direct rejection of the Bush/Chaney/ Rumsfeld policies. This is the world saying that they don’t want to be bullied anymore and the rejection of dumb wars: Iraq.

As far as National Security is concerned and protecting America I think that we must always extended a “fist bump”. Here are our standards, we can’t compromise on our convictions, but we can work on those things where we can do good to help people. Also we need to recognize that anything seen in a positive way for America, Our President Receives an worldwide honor that other positive people have received, regardless if it is earned or not it a: GOOD THING FOR AMERICA.

Another issue that we have seen take place is the Olympic bid by the President and first lady and many other influential members of our American society like Oprah and Dick Durban. I’ll be honest I was upset that America didn’t get it, Chicago is not that far for me and it would have been nice to see it here in the USA again. It would have brought positive attention, media, jobs, wealth for Chicago, Illinois and our country. We would have once again been able to show off the USA and why even with socialism shadowing our country, why we are still the greatest nation in the world. This was more to me about bringing jobs and wealth to America, not about the Obama’s and that is why I was so disturbed with the out right hate and thrill from many of my far right wing friends. I am always down for a compromise and to make things better, and if Obama’s popularity could have brought the Olympics to America then that would have been great for our nation. On things like this I think that the far right wing needs to stop being agenda driven, because after America lost far right wing commentators said “the world rejects Obama” and then a week later “the world gave him the Noble Peace Prize”. I really don’t think that this was about rejecting our president; I just think it was time for another nation to have it and I hope as Americans we will salute this other country and pray for the men and women who will be representing the USA.

Afghanistan is a war that I have always believed was justified. We know that the men who attacked us came from the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We know that countries that support holocaust of people, terrorism of democracies, destruction of capitalism, and diplomatic relationships between sovereign nations helped to fund Osama Bin Laden and his group and we know that the governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran were all in some way apart of what happened on 9-11. But we only have direct evidence to Afghanistan and possible Pakistan when it comes to the world stage, that why we know that 8 years later Iraq has been a complete failure in the eyes of most Americas and nations of the world because we didn’t have enough evidence to sustain ourselves in Iraq and I don’t personally believe that we had enough evidence to go to Iraq.

President Obama sent his own special general to Afghanistan 8 months ago to assess the situation and to come back and report his own independent investigation on how to draw a good conclusion to the war in Afghanistan. This was a man that President Obama, Sec. Gates and Clinton, Biden, Jim Jones, Susan Rice, and his whole national security team decided on. This independent general comes back and says “I need forty thousand more troops Mr. President to do the job right”. What are we waiting for is my question? Listen we have already had one bad Commander and Chief who didn’t listen to the generals on the ground when they told them he needed more in Iraq and look at all the consequences we are facing now. Many more soldiers dead because we have been there too long. Many more mothers, fathers, children and families have received news that a troop is dead because we could have been done with this at least 3 years ago. Americans are mad that their tax dollars are still, even with all these bailouts, are being sent to fight a war we should have never been in and that cant be legally justified. The world hates us for going to Iraq, and the especially hate President Bush. This general didn’t make this conclusion by himself. He also sat down with soldiers who are on their 3rd and 4th tours to Afghanistan. He sat down with generals who have been over in Afghanistan the ENTIRE time and said what will work for them to complete successfully the mission given to them. This is not a republican or democratic issue. This is not something we need to debate. The men who killed, attacked and tried to destroy America on 9-11, are over their still in an, JUST WAR, Afghanistan and we are trying to polarize this issue and make it into a political debate- Give me a break folks; its time for America to do the really right thing, send all that the general is requesting: troops, money, equipment EXT. and lets get this war over with.

Rush Limbaugh wanted to come to my home city and be an owner of the STL Rams football team. What do I think if that: BRING HIM IN. Rush Limbaugh is a raciest, bigot, terrible family man- yes all of these things are true. He has made statements about blacks, women, minorities, football players that are horrible- yes that is true. But Rush is an excellent businessman and he wants to win. Do you think that Rush doesn’t have all those people working for him in high level executive paying jobs that he trashes? He has executive blacks, women and minorities. Rush is a jackass but he is no fool when it comes to business. He might not be a people person, but he knows what works and how to work it. I think that we would have been great for STL. Knowing Rush he would have started off with the football team, created more jobs, and then opened up other businesses and helped to improve the city and create jobs for STL, which is really struggling. For the last 10+ years the city of STL has had the most effective comptroller. Darlene Greene is financially conservative and responsible, maybe Obama should call her for some help, and she is an African America woman and a democrat. I am sure with her genius, because she is a genius and she is always in the city with the people and protecting the people’s money, that she could have helped and encouraged Rush on ways and opportunities to bring jobs to STL. This is another instance where it is not about the beliefs of the person, but rather what is good for the community as a whole. Like Obama when it came to trying to bring the Olympics to create jobs for the American people, Rush would have also done a great job in STL bringing jobs to STL.

Another thing that has to be addressed is the attack on capitalism in this issue. In a free market society EVERYONE has the right to compete- when a high power, multi million dollar figure, white guy is not allowed to compete for a franchise, what does it say for you and me. If Rush Limbaugh who make 250 Million dollars just in radio, that’s excluding all of his other things, is not allowed to compete is a free civilized market, then you and I are in serious trouble. Limbaugh should have had the right to buy the team, now the team had the right to reject his offer, but lets base it on reality- not on the mans personal attributes. If people based things on my personal attributes for every situation I was in I would have no family, friends, and I would be living under the jail. He without sin cast the first stone. Were always talking about making things fair, well in capitalism it should have been fair for even a JackAss like Rush Limbaugh.

Some other culture news: when it comes to Jon and Kate- Kate should be allowed to continue the show without Jon- yes I am sure she likes the celebrity, but she has openly admitted this is the only way she has to continue to support her kids and if nothing else TLC should give her a show by herself without the kids being on their and everyone needs to YouTube “Jon Vs. Nancy Grace” Nancy Grace eats his lunch and talks to him about all these 22 yr old girls he has been dating. The Duggar Family “18 kids and counting”- their oldest son and his wife Anna welcomed their first child into the world and she did it without any drugs as well and she did a home birth- WOW!!!! I am impressed by the way David Letterman handled his scandal- way to go Dave- get them before they get you. “The Joy Behar Show” is a hit- Joy- my liberal girlfriend continues to wow the audience. But unfortunately for “The Jay Leno” show he is not doing as well, I personally don’t think they should have ever took him off-if David Letterman is still there, why did Jay have to go and by the way Jimmy Fallon Sucks on the tonight show.

OK I am done for now- LOL I think I caught up on all the big stories, if I missed anything let me know and I will Blog about it. Keep Praying for me!!!

Because He Called Me!!!

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