Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Death of America

Politically I don’t think that I am partisan in any way. Yes I am a conservative evangelical southern Baptist by name Presbyterian by nature Christian. I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God. I believe that there is only way to heaven and that is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. And I believe that the word of God is the Bible. Yes these things are all true. But when it comes to my politics I think that I am always fair and always looking to do the right thing that will continue to allow for capitalism and freedom to survive in a democracy. I do believe in government regulations on some things- but for the most part government control should be kept to the states and local cities and town headed by elected representatives. I believe in the constitution which says that the federal governments Job is to protect and defend the union with military force. And to preserve the free rights of states and individuals in this union. I don’t believe that it is the federal government’s job to invade in the private sector and to impose laws on a free governance of individuals. I also would say that for the sake of our free domestic country I can believe and support protecting the families of homosexuals. If someone is dying and they have the right to leave all of their money and material things to whomever they want and they have the right to be seen by whomever they want on their death bed- the government and individuals who disagree with this should have no say in the personal life of a human being because we disagree with their sexual preference. I also believe that children of homosexual couples should be protected and that the federal government should not be allowed to go into private homes of individuals and take innocent children away from the only parents they have ever known. I also believe in affirmative action. We know that because of sin racism and sexism are huge shadows that cover many parts of our nation so we must try and make it equal for people to have opportunity. Not give them opportunity but have laws that protect their competitive and fair right to be all that they can be. I think that most people would agree with me on these things.
But today Senator Harry Reid of the state of Nevada announced that their will be a public option in the final health care bill. To this I say that all Americans who aren’t rich, influential and who are just regular people- be prepared for a communist type of take over here in America. We are about to become a country like Cuba. We are about to see the end of the greatest democracy that has ever existed. Listen I am not saying this because I am against Obama; I was the guy telling people that George Bush was lying to them when he said we needed to go into Iraq. I am the biggest critic of the war in Iraq that you will ever meet. George Bush, Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Condi Rice and Donald Rumsfeld should all be locked up because they singed the bill that has lead to the murders of thousands of our American troops in Iraq; so this is not partisan for me. This is not someone who hates Obama. I think that he is great on several things. I agree with Gov. Jeb Bush when he talks about all the great things Obama is doing for education. I love the fact that Obama is telling Black men to grow up and start raising their kids. And telling black parents to tell their kids that there is more than just being a basketball player and rapper- but we can be scientist and senators. I love those things. But I don’t think that the American people fully understand what is going to happen to this country when we get Universal Government ran health care. This is a horrible idea; let me tell you this I don’t care what color you are and I am really speaking to white people, and everyone knows I have a lot of great white friends Derek and Whit Jones are my family, but let me warn white average America: GET READY TO BE TREATED LIKE BLACK PEOPLE BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO LOOSE YOUR FREEDOM AND BECOME A SECOND CLASS CITIZEN. I mean this, listen black people are use to not having all of the freedoms we were “promised”; were still waiting on our forty acres and a mule. But average white America is about to get a wake up call, because rich liberal communist elitist are about to become the new reigning group of people. if you’re a rich conservative you better hold on to your money and put it in a foreign bank because if you disagree with a liberal you will soon be taken out- look what is happening to Fox News; and granted I hate Fox News (besides Bill Oriely and Chris Wallace); but even idiots should have their stump to yell on. Look at what happen to Rush Limbaugh (and you all know I want him to go find his way to a ditch), in a free market society he was not allowed to compete to own a football team. Listen folks- if you can trust anyone it’s me, I am not on the left or the right. I am the middle of the road guy. Always wanting to do the best for this country; Here my warning now: America is over when this public option passes. Where done. Do you know how much this thing is going to cost us? Over 2 trillion dollars. We have just had two bailouts. Were fighting two wars. Were still spending just the normal money to keep our country going and were increasing the size of federal and local government everyday.
Now some people say well states will be able to get out of the public option if they want. Well let me tell you no state is going to pay the money to have local state run elections and let the people of the individual states vote to decided what to do because of the cost and how much do you really trust your local politicians these days. And it wont even matter because if the government has a public health care plan it will force the private sector to raise its prices on coverage and then people will be forced out of their coverage because they cant afford it and then they will have to go on the government plan. So anyway you look at it AMERICANS ARE GETTING RAPED INTO SLAVERY!!!!! I am personally seeing this happen to me already. I have EXCELLENT health care (Guidestone) and with all the talk of government ran health care my medical cost have tripled…..ALREADY…. so guess what’s going to happen. I will be forced to get the governments health care because I won’t be able to continue to pay this much for my health care. Americans now is really not the time to stand by and do nothing. Whether we loose this fight or not we need to daily write and email our president, and elected officials and tell them to stop forcing us into slavery. Because remember folks and government big enough to give you everything- health care- is also big enough to take everything away. I know you feel helpless- like there is nothing you can do. What I say now is the time to start registering to vote. Register as a conservative/independent/republican. Start to scare the hell out of the liberal communist and let them know your not about to be a slave. Write them/email/ and pray hard because we can’t go into this world of craziness. Remember I am not saying this because I am against Obama: I am saying this because I am against slavery and government ran health care will lead to slavery for all of us: White people be aware- because I don’t think that you all can handle being treated as second class citizens.
Just my opinion- I could be wrong but I doubt it!!!

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  1. this is probably the most inconsistent and unintelligent blog i have ever read, thanks for wasting about 4 minutes of my life.