Monday, March 29, 2010

ObamaCare... Passed

Why Obama deserves his health care bill….
I haven’t commented on the health care bill because I wanted to go online and read it. I went online and read the republicans bill and I also red the democrat’s bill. In truth they both are crap and not health care bills but rather insurance company giveaways.
The thing is both sides are lying to us. Democrats and Republicans, we fundamentally don’t have a health care problem in America. We have the best hospitals, best doctors, best prescriptions, best nurses, and best workers in our health care field. The problem is not access, but cost. People can get access if they could afford it. Here is the thing 20 % of what is in Obama’s Bill will fix the entire problem. If he just:
1. Allowed states to compete across state lines with minimum and regulations/ guidelines
2. Allowed people with preexisting conditions to buy insurance
3. Some way the government can examine Tort Reform by each individual state through participation with the federal government and the attorney general
4. Allow college students to stay on their parents insurance until 27
5. Pay for Medicare, by cutting certain programs out that only help lobbyist and not senior citizens.
Which these things are in his bill already and this is just 20% of the bill Barak Obama would fix Health Insurance problems in America and he would go down as the greatest president who ever lived. If he just did these FIVE things and these things are not liberal or conservative, they are common sense, and then all of this other stuff would go away and liberals and conservatives would HAIL Obama.
Here is the problem with what we have seen, Politicians walking around with “Big Balls” and what I mean by that is you have half of your nation saying that they don’t want something and you go ahead and do it anyway. As an African American is bothers me when people compare the health care fight to the civil rights movement. Barack Obama is not fit to tie the shoes of Dr. King or Malcolm X. so to compare him and this fight to the greatest leaders of our time is outrageous. Racial issues are moral issues not social issues and the two don’t belong in the same boat.
Now when it comes to the tea party movement let me say this I am not a far right guy or far left guy so I don’t understand why these people are so filled with hate. I respect their right to gather, rally and to vote the way they want. But to spit on someone, call John Lewis a nigger, and to threaten democrat representatives is outrageous. It is outrageous when it happens to liberals or conservatives. I don’t have to agree with you and I don’t have to like you to have a conversation with you and to work with you. This is the beauty of America; we all have the right to have our opinions. And as someone who is in the middle who follows all types of people from Colin Powell, Condi Rice, Ron Paul, Hillary Clinton and other middle of the road type of people I think that negative fighting is not good for our country. Make your argument to the end, but never hit, we all learned this in 2nd grade.
The fact is we know that our country is on the end tail of being bankrupted and if you don’t like the policies of the president or any other person you have the right to write him express your views and to vote your conscience. This process had gotten nasty and that is because everyone is lying. Bill Clinton said the facts the other day “this bill wont fix everything and it might make some things worse for some people but we have to give it time to sink or swim”. The health care debate is over for the moment and Barack Obama and the liberals won; now the test will be to see if we have what we have been promised. And in my view no matter who was in charge, unless it was Ron Paul, Condi Rice or Colin Powell, then any bill would have been crap because we have lost the integrity of moral judgment in our political process.

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