Monday, October 8, 2012

The Good Life

In any relationship that you are in there must be a dedication to the commitment that you have made. Relationships with spouses, family members and friends often die because one of the persons forgets the importance of forgiving the other “regardless” of their sins or how they view that they have been offended; and it often dies because one or both persons forgets that it was God that put them together they didn’t just meet by chance or happenstance. Remember your vow to be dedicated in the good and the troublesome areas of the journey that you take in any relationship because there are either spoken or unspoken covenants that when endured are honored. All of us have responsibilities to each other in all of our relationships; the responsibility is to believe in one another that the other person has the best intentions in helping you to become your full self and the conviction that you are placed in this relationship for a duty and the purpose can only be purely fulfilled by a co- existing relationship that is smothered in humility.

The most important thing to remember about any relationship that you are involved in is that you must stay mature and above reproach in order to move through the seasons of the relationship because that will help you not to focus on the immature things that the devil would put in your spirit to try and distract you. If you focus on the big picture and not try and play a role in your relationship with people you will have a greater avenue for the chance of success because you will limit your distractions. The key is not to focus on the “me” but rather the “we”. Relationships are like building and maintaining a house. Once the house is built you still have to keep up with the maintenance, so as your home continuously changes, so your relationship continues to change and it’s not going to always be perfect but as long as you keep your focus and outlook on it as “progress” then all will be well with your soul. Remember the good times and what sustained you in those moments and remind yourself and the other person of that moment to encourage them as well when things aren’t going well because the goal is not competition against the other person, the goal is team work because you want to be successful. It’s going be hard but go with the flow and you will get to where you’re going. God Bless

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