Monday, March 31, 2014

What Else Do You Have To Loose

Someone once asked me how do you go through life with all

the hills you have had to climb, valleys you have had to walk, oceans you have

had to swim and still stay in your right mind. How does your soul cry on a

daily basis and yet you still have joy. How does your heart ache and break into

a million pieces and yet you still have unconditional love. How is your mind so

stressed but yet you can find it in you to speak the right word of

encouragement. The secret for me is I have eliminated everything from my life

that once fooled me to believing that it would bring me any type of solid

eternal everlasting hope but Jesus Christ. I’ve had some amazing experiences

that I’ll never forget. I have had conversations with some smart people who

made me think out of the box. I have been loved by friends and family and I can

actually say I have had a couple of people in my life who have given me as

close to humanly possible unconditional love without any expectations or

requirement. But even in all of that I am only as close to being complete as I am

ever going to be when I am in communion with Jesus Christ. I am not talking

about a religion or even a church. I am talking about an experience in a

relationship with Jesus Christ that reassures you that your all will be well

with your soul. Don’t you just want to know that your battle is going to be

worth the fight? Don’t you just want to know that your struggle isn’t going to

be in vain? Don’t you just want to know that when the dust settles all will be

well with your soul? That’s what experiencing Jesus Christ does for me and I know

that it will do the same for you. I’m not a big reader so I have to have a

bible reading schedule and I have to get books that speak to my soul because

God knows what I need in order to make it just one more day. Sometimes depending

on my mood I’ll just put in some old gospel songs and just let the words sink

into my mind. It’s all about changing your thinking. And when we change our

thinking we will begin to not desire to be filled by the emptiness of the

world. I’m not saying to you that when you come to Jesus it will all be better

but what I am saying to you that every time you come to him he will make you

feel better. He’s not a God that just takes away your suffering for suffering sake; but rather he is a

God who is willing and able and WANTS to sit with you in whatever season of life you’re

in and really truly be with you. So no I’m not in my right mind and most days I’m

not ok but then I’ll just get around Jesus and declare or at least say to myself

“at least he knows the answers so even when I don’t feel like its going be

alright or even think that the decision or outcome is good or for my good; at

least I am assured Jesus will never leave or forsake me”. I cant promise you

that the outcome is what your expecting but I can reassure you that when you

stay with Jesus Christ he will help you to come to some type of conclusion,

ending, explanation, understanding or reason behind why you had to fight that

way and for so long. Be assured that Jesus wants to personally be involved in

your life, so why not let him, what else do you have to loose….. #KeepItMoving

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