Friday, October 10, 2014

Its Not For The Faint Of Heart #ChooseJoy

When Christ died for us what He alone did was offer us Himself. In Himself the charecter of Joy is created, held on to, understoond, and grasped. Our culture tells us to search for happiness but Beloved happiness is temporary and fleeting but Joy is eternal hope that is only found in the Salvation of the God of love. Joy tells you to look at God an...d not at your circumstances. Joy tells you to hold on even when you dont see the end result. Joy tells you that disapponitment, failures and even death have a purpose. In fighting depression, guilt, worry or anxiety those are things that the world puts out there that are contrary to the Joy that is found in Christ alone and that is why he has to be our hope and our foundation because without Him as the force behind all that we do we will fail spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Stay encouraged because God's best in Christ for you is Christ Himself. #ChooseJoy #KeepItMoving

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