Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stand Out #WhatWillYouSay

Leadership requires that you have a lot of compassion, empathy and a deep love for the souls of the people you are ministering to. You can never get into a situation or find yourself in a situation where you are not leading with one of these traits especially in the midst of the storm. You can be in a storm without letting the storm be in you. You have to stay steady and enthusiastic about the mission you are on and you cannot forget what God told you in the light because in the dark you will need to hold on strongly to that revelation that Jesus told you. God gives you a vision because he knows that in your humanity you will need to be convinced that the toil is worth it because you will have to loose everything in order to gain more that what your imagination can hold. As you lead remember to be kind to everyone because everyone is fighting a battle they cant talk about, so in compassion remember that love will lead you all the way. Leadership is hard, difficult and at times the decisions you make will have causalities, but as long as you keep going you will be fine and remember the results will never look like you planned but they will always be better than what you thought. God Bless & #KeepItMoving

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