Sunday, November 9, 2014


Decisions come to us all the time. The decision to forgive, love, marry, accept, tolerate, pray, and simply live. Each step, each move, each choice requires some sort of action that calls you to be and do better. Growth is a good thing because it allows you to move, experience, sit in and saturate the new; the things you were holding out on and afraid of, it requires your soul to elevate. The reason we must love and embrace radical change is because we serve a radical God. A God who was willing to dress himself in human form, step out of the comfort of His created glorious heaven, walk on, in and with this sinful world and in the sovereignty of himself demand for the execution of his own life to be handed over and ransom for a people who hated him, would continue to deny him and who constantly reject him even as he calls us now.

We must be willing to come to a better, bigger, and more enjoyable place in our personal, individual and relationships with others because if we hold on to our history we do it at the expense of our destiny. God is calling all of us to follow his “Now Spirit” and to do what he is asking us to do in order for us to see the fullness of his glory; the only question is: Are you willing to do what is asked of you? #Amen    

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