Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Say Thanks #HaveHope

When reconciling your last experience and trying to come to a specific conclusion many times the only thing you can do is simply "Say Thanks". In that appraoch you learn to let go of what you thought should change or what you expected but didnt recieve. In that you learn how to let peace remove the need to know that will drive you insane. You thank the experience for what it taught you and for the people it brought your and even for the people that it removed from you because all things are lessons that God would have you to learn but you have to not only be willing to take the test but you have to be willing to do your best to pass it in order to show your faithfulness and appreciation for the journey. We all wish life "had stayed the same" but it didnt and thats the only thing you cant ever learn but can only experience. So hold on, smile and enjoy it because the good thing is nothing last forever not even the tears.... #HaveHope

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