Monday, January 19, 2015

Carved Out

Decisions are not always easy to make even when you have walked down that road before. Even when you have the facts, the truth and the pro’s vs. con’s list written out because for all of us if were honest there are some decisions that can only be understood by the heart and not explained from the mind. Its especially hard when you have to decide between bad and worse or happy and settled when deep down inside you want to hold out for joy. But what gets you to this place in the first place is you stop believing that it will ever come your way so you take the next best thing: happiness over joy. Pretending like your happy can be just as detrimental to yourself as emotional abuse because you are hiding behind a made up lie that you have allowed to take root in your mind. But then what if this thing can turn into something awesome, while you desire natural courses to take place, you have never been afraid of a little hard work. It’s a tough spot to be in and why you want to make all the right decisions, sometimes you just don’t know. I wish I had better advise for you today but all I can say is pray about it and you will know when you know and when that happens listen. #BeGoodToYourself

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