Wednesday, December 17, 2014

somewhere between my head and my heart

I think somewhere between my head and my heart rest the wisdom convictionsattributes characteristics that I need in order to not only survive but to thrive as it's hard to walk away from something that you were so passionate about its hard to stop loving something that you would have died for it's hard to know that what you know has been abandoned life is difficult and the more and more I traveled this journeythe more I realize how difficult it can be at times but what I know for sure is this that God is good and that he wants what's best for me and he wants what's best for you and if we keep praying and keep trusting and keep hoping that on the other side of the mountain there will be the land of milk and honey we too shall persevere we can't give up on each other we can't give up on humanity we can't give up on the righteous and the good things that are for life we have to keep finding it may not always come or look exactly how you wanted it to look but it would and will be the way God intended it to me recently I had to leave a position and I thought that my job there was to turn the ship around when really my job was and what God had called me to do was to get the sheep away from the wolves it was my duty and it is my duty to always shepherd tlthem to always love them answer always support them but the evil that existed was just too much to fight and what God called me to do was to show the truth put it on the table and to let the saved go to places where God could use them they could grow and they could enjoy their lives I'm not responsible for evil I'm not responsible for people who don't want to change I'm not responsible for things not turning out the way that I thought that they should have all I'm responsible for is to stay in my lane and to do my job and that is all you are responsible for as well so enjoy the ride of life work hard do your best pray and always be kind because remember we're all kids at heart just be nice to people and if people don't return it there's nothing you can do but you've done your part God Bless You God love you and I got a new phone so I'll be Voice typing a lot of my notes lol

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