Thursday, February 19, 2015

Don't Miss The Boat

2 Corinthians 4:5 “For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake.”

As the apostle Paul continues his writing of the book of Corinthians he is facing several challenges in his ministry so he urges the church to be “unified” with him in his ministry because the opponents of the gospel were undermining his work claiming that his suffering proved he was not a true apostle. They didn’t understand that his suffering was a reflection of the gospel being glorified because every time Paul was persecuted he looked to Jesus Christ as his only help admitting, confessing and leaning on Him for total dependency.
Paul dedicates and emphasizes chapter four with a theme of unity throughout the sentences. He wants the church to understand basic Christian principles when it comes to ministry because he does not want people to get distracted by foolishness, pride, control or selfish behavior because he knows that pride comes before the fall and that anytime anyone takes credit for something done rather than giving Jesus all the glory then slowly the life will be sucked out of that ministry until the strong hands of wickedness choke and kill the dream that best proclaims the gospel.
“For what we proclaim is not ourselves”- in this statement here alone we need to note that all people are equal when it comes to ministry because everyone now knows that the work has nothing to do with them personally but everything to do with Jesus Christ alone and that nothing: no credit, no positions, no roles, ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING has to do with anyone but Jesus Christ. This is the vision statement so people are not confused on what the goal is because the only goal in any ministry that is biblical is to preach and proclaim Jesus Christ thus allowing the people to die to themselves and their ideas and to focus all the glory on Jesus Christ.
“With ourselves as your servants for Jesus’ sake”- as slaves and bondservants to the master, king, ruler and CEO of sovereignty we now confess and make it a part of our makeup as a person and put the foundation of our convictions and self-constitution as willing, obedient and joyous slaves to Christ in serving in ministry. We understand that we owe God everything and that without him we are nothing and in that we are satisfied with whatever and however he decides to focus his ministry. We lean on him for total control and we refuse to get caught up in the confusion and works of the devil through disobediences, pride, selfishness, slander and malice because all of that will lead to an end in the blessing of the ministry of the Church that he has called all sanctified believers to follow.
The bottom line is this once you get past the theological unfolding of terms, phrases and meanings the apostle wants the church to come fully together and be totally unified on every level because he knows that it is so easy to get distracted because every people is totally depraved and the depravity of each person’s life has the chance to show up and fall in line with the wickedness of the devil and take focus off of giving Jesus Christ the glory. So from the beginning he says get over yourselves, its not about you, its all about Christ and His glory. So if your going to sign up to be a billboard for Jesus understand that your imperfections may cause you the war if you allow them to while fighting the battle so understand the depth of your depravity and when you see your ego rising up bleed the blood of Jesus over yourself so you don’t allow yourself to get in the way of bringing all the glory to Jesus Christ alone. #BeGoodToYourself 

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