Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Suffering Heart

At a certain point in life and maybe it’s several times in our lives we find ourselves pushing through an emotional issue that seems to have left us helpless in our feelings. The moment when you gave it all over and over again and you still saw no sign of life. In fact many times over you gave up your own life and happiness and allowed that to change the very nature of who you were; the unsecure pain of emotionless love left you lifeless, sullied, and damaged good. You discovered that your pride wasn’t as strong as you assumed and the walls of your strength weren’t as solid as you thought. Your teachings, writings and advice all came into your life to instruct you and you failed your own test. You were challenged at your core and instead of taking ALL of the lessons into effect you only brought one tool into battle because you now know you really didn’t want to see the truth. It’s hard when you have to admit to yourself that you didn’t want to see the truth because the distraction of the moment was keeping you from facing what was really going on inside of you and now you have to deal with the broken pieces of that course and the core of the sadness of the self-imposed betrayal. The only thing that I think you can do as you battle your new view of sadness because you will grieve the loss is give it time and give yourself time to heal. And as you walk through the valley of the shadow death call be honest with God and yourself as you turn over each new leaf so you won’t have to repeat the same mistakes again. Remember pain, regret, guilt and sadness are all apart of living and you’re not the first person to travel those roads and you won’t be the last to say “why did I do that”; but you can say to yourself “I will never do that again”….. Relax, Pray and Hope for the best… #BeGoodToYourself

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