Sunday, May 17, 2015

Calling yourself out

Being stuck in a mindset or a flow that isn't
positive in the rhythm of your own natural being can cause your soul and spirit to become exhausted by the daily routines of the habits that you have created for yourself or have allowed to be invited and take root in your very being. I’m not talking about daily living and the price you pay of just being tired because you were birthed into this world but rather the betrayal of yourself. When you’re singing a song in your soul that has no tune or you have picked out a melody that isn't your own. What happens when you find yourself being allowed to impact the human consciousness of others and give the gift of liberation to someone else but you feel, ache and are drowning in agony over the exhaustion of constant enslavement by your surroundings; I think at some point you have to figure out how to readjust your surroundings so you can make the best impact for what your calling is and help to nurture yourself and put into others what God has given you.  Growing up my mother said to me all the time “the only thing constant in life is change”, I hated that statement then and I hate it now because I was an idealist in so many ways but the longer I live and row down the river of life I’m finding this to be truer than ever. But here is the gift in that statement and the gift in the journey while the only thing constant in life is change remember to take in the scenery and bless God for all the lessons that he teaches you along the way. Remember that all things are lessons that God would have you to learn, so stay classy and always pray and listen because they go hand and hand. #BeGoodToYourself

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