Monday, May 11, 2015

Too Much To Live For

It’s been a while since I have sat down and wrote anything because I have been so busy and really words haven’t come together in the correct sentences that I would have liked in order to rise from the pages and communicate my thoughts. I had to walk through some personal pain and just get through it every day by choosing not to have regret but rather to say, believe and receive this statement: All things are lessons that God would have us to learn regardless if they come to us uninvited or if we invite ourselves into uninvited places. The hardest part about being a teacher when it comes to anything but especially when it comes to spiritual issues is that you are required to live what you teach and to believe that what your saying is not just some get by quote that will make you feel better but rather it is absolute truth with an unchanging depth of honesty and reward.

I’m learning so much right now in my life and as I continue to step forward, move forward and embrace what I want to define me I am flowing in a rhythm unapologetically and without excuses. If it happens regardless of how it feels in the moment I say to myself “What is this here for” recognizing that there is a lesson in everything even if the lesson is to teach you disappointment from others behaviors. I am now trying to condition myself to pray for their depravity rather than allowing it to create bitterness in me. At the cross of Jesus we all die to everything about ourselves: Our views, our perspectives and most importantly our egos. What we want and think must die at the cross of Jesus in order for us to live. People may be able to try to make your physical comfort uncomfortable but remember no one can get in your mind. Your mind is where your imagination is allowed to be free and where your dreams are allowed to live fully without limitations. People, situations and life may try to break you down but remember all things are lessons that God would have you to learn. #BeGoodToYourself

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