Sunday, November 1, 2009


Remember when Dr. King came on the scene it was historic for America. All peoples in this nation and around the world began to think. We began to think of hope and a better world were we could all sit at the table of brotherhood and fellowship with one another. We began to think that our neighbors really did have souls and that our children could live in a world of peace and play with one another.
Remember when we found out about what Hitler was doing to the Jewish people. He was roasting them like cookies in a oven. They were people being cooked. Men, women, and children striped of their dignity and pride. Raped, beaten and slaughtered. This caused a movement. We stood together. No longer could we stand to see people who felt like we felt be burned alive.
There is history in this world from the begging of time that causes human beings to have a reaction and motivates them to a cause. They look outside of themselves and hope for heaven and push for righteous. They come together when privacy and freedoms are taken away.
I am very passionate about Church growth and revitalization. Its my calling. Its why I have been in school for so long. But my other passion is politics and what I see taken place today is my fellow brothers and sisters sitting by and allowing a government that is already WAY to big to come in and take more of our freedoms away.
The election of Barack Obama was historic. I cried as an African American. I believe that I can be anything in America I want to be. I hope that many more blacks like myself feel like we are finally citizens in a world that has treated us like slaves even until the 21st century.
But just because my emotions are high does not mean that I am going to sit by and let someone who has a liberal school of thought come and take over my nation. Take it from the center to the far left. When America gets universal heath insurance, then America will be over as we know it.
There has never been an effective government ran program. When it comes to education, welfare, housing, veterans benefits, women’s issues, civil rights, the justice system. There has NEVER been a program that the government has run well. When we think of education either the cost are too high or the schools are lacking in effective programs. Welfare is a joke, they take give a person money but then tell them they cant work and make a certain about of money without giving up their benefits. Housing is crazy, you have to qualify to be in a certain class and then you cant even better yourself or you have to move out. Veterans have to wait MONTHS just to see a doctor and their prescriptions are outrageous. Women can have children but then be considered a risk on the job for being mothers. Civil rights aren’t civil anymore and the justice system can lock anyone up for any accusation without cause or evidence just because someone “said something”.
All of these government ran programs are out of control and dangerous to the average person. And now we are considering letting the government control issues on life and health. This doesn’t make sense to me or to people who values freedom and respect democracy. We can have “In God We Trust” On our money but then we cant even pray @ work or school. Why? Because the government says so.
We are Americans and to sit by and allow the government to run our health is crazy. I encourage you to vote against anyone who would even think about voting for a government ran health care plan; tell the government “Thanks but kiss my butt”.
I could be wrong but I doubt it!!!

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