Saturday, October 19, 2013

Seeing That Parent As Human

Salvation is a relationship

O How I love the name of Jesus and everything he does for us in our individual personal relationships with him. It makes me love my  salvation even more because our salvation is not based upon religious deeds, a spiritual code or theological convictions but rather on a personal relationship with Jesus based upon communication: Do you know Jesus and are you talking to him. Salvation is a relationship. As I am sitting here watching a teaching lesson given by a preacher who I admire one of the things he said about a parent / child relationship that set me free was that our mothers and fathers cant be what our ideal is because they were broken when we got them. Before I was even thought of my father had issues and problems and habitual sins that had already planted themselves in the seat of his soul and were being feed by his depraved state of being as a human. So my expectation of him to be my hero was unrealistic because he was broken when I got him. It makes me weep, And it hits so hard because I always thought of others peoples fathers as being perfect  but I am sure now they had their own flaws. My dad didn’t know what he was doing as a parent because he was broken. It doesn’t take away from the fact that he should have done better but it can make me forgive him just a little more. I love Jesus because what he does as you mature in your relationship with him is he lets you see more and more of yourself in front of the cross with everyone else and helps you to realize that your need for him is just as equal as the people around you who you feel should’ve done better in your life even if it was your father and by doing that forgiveness comes into your life in all areas. God is God- Yes and Amen!!!!

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