Saturday, July 27, 2013


There are some pains that are too difficult to explain to others. There are some tears that only you can feel for yourself. There are certain grief’s that only you can walk in. There is a level of brokenness that happens in all of our lives that is only meant for you to experience. Sometimes trying to explain why you hurt so bad to another person isn’t worth the conversation. What I know in the moment is that my sadness is not meant for everyone. Its ok to build walls up in certain situations because you cant handle what others will say or how they will react because it will turn you off even more. Sometimes you have to accept the wholeness of a reality and realize there are certain spaces that are off limits to people when it comes to your heart and mind. Your not walking alone because Jesus will always be there with you but rather you are walking in step with what you have to go through. Its your journey and sometimes the only route to take is to be a little selfish because if you don’t you could not only harm others but you may harm yourself even more because once certain words are said, felt and put into your space they can never be taken back and the consequences may be too much for you to carry. So talk to God because he really can understand.

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