Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014: Choose Joy

The older I get and the more I experience on each journey and path that life throws at me the more I found out that nothing in the physical can ever be counted on. Life happens. People’s feeling change, death happens, the unexpected comes from around the corner and blindsides you and the path of hell is paved with good intentions. In my experience the only thing that is for sure is prayer- taking time to talk to Jesus Christ about everything that is going on in your life is the only thing that is certain. Prayer is praising God for all that he is and has done, prayer is releasing yourself in order to surrender to whatever God’s will is for your life in that particular moment. Prayer is declaring and prophesying to yourself that all is well with your own soul. Prayer is stability, an anchor and a guide to assist you along life’s many journeys. When people say what do you know for sure my answer is that prayer takes you to a divine place of peace. Recently I have switched my mindset from looking for happiness to creating a new normal of living in Joy. Happiness are glimpses of moments in life that are pleasing but joy is a state of being that you are satisfied with whatever comes your way. If we are looking on counting on happiness we will continue to be unstable and ride a rollercoaster of emotions that only trivialize the purity of what life is about and that is enjoying God now and forever. And I would submit to you the only way to accomplish that is through deep and personal prayer. Prayer doesn’t have to be fancy lofty words; prayer can simple be God Help Me Now. As we embark upon this New Year I know we all have resolutions and goals that we would like to see happen: loosing weight, having better relationships, stopping a bad habit or improving your career. While all of these things are good and notable let us not forget our spiritual health. Everything in life changes, you know this, from family relationships, friendships, lovers, your health and even your church but God never changes he is always ready to engage you in conversation. So stay prayed up because that is what will get you through the worse days of your life and will also help you to fully appreciate the best days of your life.
Happy New Year And God Bless

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