Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Better Version Of Yourself

…History Despite Its Wrenching Pain Cannot Be Unlived But If Faced With Courage Need Not Be Lived Again… #ChangeYourOwnLife

The ideal verses the reality is a topic that has been on my heart recently and I believe that we have to stop fanaticizing about our ideals or dreams that we have created in our own heads when it comes to the relationships and things that surround us. Its like the saying the “good old days”, well when we really stop to think about that we have to admit that even those days had its fair share of issues as well. What the past few weeks have taught me in my life personally is that on the road to becoming the best version of myself I cannot allow what I desire to run ahead of my present moment. I cannot be controlled of by hope nor can I be contained by my fear. Reality makes it simple my past not have been filled with roses like I made it out to be in my head but I cant let the fear of embracing what it really was stop me from learning the lessons that I need in order to equip myself for the future. Growth is a painful process and many times people around you who are stuck become collateral damage because they cant see the vision that you are on to preparing yourself for your moment but you cant let their personal feeling effect what you know to do for sure to help save yourself. Obedience is the key to any success and joy that you are seeking in order to fulfill and sustain your own life.  You have to be obedient to whatever God is saying to you. You cant get caught up in all the outside noise and distractions. Stick to the plan and know that it will be painful as hell but when you face it you will gain the courage you need and that will stop you from repeating it again. Your Joy is found when you find God and enjoy him forever and the plan that he has for your life. Keep it moving. God’s got your back.

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