Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dont Be Surprised People Do Change

There has been so much going on in my life lately that I can’t even begin to configure everything into a simple blog. But the one thing that has been a constant reminder through all of the things that I have been going through is that it’s all going be ok. I have seen family members and friends change in drastic ways recently. A lot of trust has been broken, words have been said that can’t ever be taken back and actions have definitely forced me to see people who I thought were close to me in a different light. But here is the thing about this time around, I’m not sad about it or devastated about it. It’s been an assurance that I have held on to that this will be ok whatever it is and whatever happens. I am not responsible for people’s actions or their words. I am not responsible for what people do and say. All I am responsible for is myself. I have been on a quest to get my happy back and what I really think that is about is being comfortable in my own skin and my own decisions and not letting people or situations effect me. I am done with feeling guilty about others actions and choices family or not. I am done with feeling like I should say something different just to avoid people’s egos getting bruised because they can’t handle the reality of the situation. Here’s the deal I am going state the situation let the chips fall where they may because holding in it causes way too much stress. Here’s the deal one day my feet will get cold and my eyes will shut and that is a guarantee for everyone so while we are here we should at least be happy and if those people around you aren’t willing to be happy with you or celebrate in your happiness then it might be time to let them go. Not everyone even family members who start the journey with you are suppose to end the journey with you. Don’t get upset when people betray you, hurt you, leave you or force you to leave them because that just means you’re being saved from trouble and preserved for something greater. God doesn’t just want you to get to the victory; he wants you to get to the victory with less burses as possible. So trust Jesus and Obey the father and in all of this God will give you a purpose for your pain. Let you pain, your problems and your entire struggle be intentional. Never forget only God is good so don’t be surprised in peoples behavior….

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