Monday, February 24, 2014


Growing up we are taught and trained to be apart of a group: family, friends, race, church, or community. We are taught that are value is in what group we are in and in that the consequences is that we learn to base our opinions about ourselves and others based on the view of the majority of the people that influence us regardless of what those views are. We tend to find our identity in those places and people. We control are outlook, actions and attitudes based on what other people think. It cripples us because for so long many of us go along life not knowing who we are. Are own values, are own creativeness, and our own calling. It’s like being placed in a box and expected to go along with the flow; you get it too- why the caged bird sings because it is looking for the song of life it can identify with or the tune of life it can create and dance to. The general notion of what we all have been taught in one way or another is to “Be yourself” but the tragedy in that for so many people is that when they actually decide to do that and awake their souls and take a intentional step towards rearranging their own lifes, ideas, values, principles and actions is many times those people around them begin to freak out, question them and their actions, abandon them, begin to argue, fight and fuss with them and cause all kinds of trouble, heartache and pain for a person who is walking in their own truth and becoming who they were created to become. Instead of assisting and helping the person a lot of time they bring more harm than good. In becoming who you were created to be you have to make a decision that no matter what the cost is your going to get to your destination in order to be happy.  Once you figure yourself out then you have to be willing to decide that your going to go down that journey no matter what. Expect problems even from people who claim that they love you and only want your best interest. Expect setbacks even when it comes to yourself. Expect that you might even have to be willing to change the plan of the process while holding on to the vision. When building a house the plan looks great on paper but when it actually comes time to build your going to encountering situations that are going to force you to make adjustments but you don’t give up you just keep pushing until the house is complete. That’s life and with any goal you have to hold on to your vision and make the adjustments needed in order to get to the outcome just make sure you never loose yourself in the process. I never thought that would happen, is something you will find yourself saying many times, but remember you also never thought you would be on the road to discovering your full truth and potential. For every heartache, headache, setback and misstep there is a plan and lesson that goes with “finishing the house” in order to make it better. Be confident that God is the builder of your house of happiness that your soul must dwell in. Jesus is your life coach who will guide you along the way and the Holy Spirit is the encouraging who keeps telling you “Keep Praying and Keep going”. As my grandparents will so often say to be “Little Robert Its going be ok, keep doing you, It’ll work out”. #KeepItMovingPeople #GodsGotThisOneAndTheNextOneAfterThat   

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