Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Your Going Make It

 I must confess and repent that since leaving Louisville and the death of my father two years ago I have been in a world wind of emotions that hasn’t always allowed me to perform at my best and be there for people in the way that my calling has made room for me. I was way to busy focusing on the “what ifs” and “whys” then to take the lessons of the pain, disappointments and sadness and use them for the good of God and to help other people. I think so many times in trying to create a new normal we end up doing too much and not realizing that the thing or anointing God put in you in the beginning will always be apart of your mission and passion but life calls for it to evolve as we grow and become different people as life goes on. Lately God has blessed me so much by allowing me to sit with people in their situations. I’m not called to help people to fix them but I know that I am called to not leave people alone. I don’t know what’s best for people in their personal relationships with God as he directs them but what I do know is pain because it has licked the edge of my soul and sat in the heart of my spirit. And by knowing these things so purely I am able to sit with people in the freshness of their situation and reassure them that it will be ok. Yes it will look different and yes it will challenge you and take you out of a place of comfort but you will survive. The gift is not in what you can do for people the gift is in what you cant do for them but still sit with them. You cant heal people, you cant get them to the next level, your not a savior but you can be a presence. I’ve recently found so many of my friends that have lost their confidence due to different situations. But the question that I keep saying to them is when did you start to believe the lie that your value is less because someone said so or because you made THAT mistake. The truth is you lived and it didn’t turn out how you expected it and now that you have lived in that moment will you make the choice to now learn. The failure is not in the living or even in the mistake; but the failure is did you take away from it what it came to teach you. God is completely in control of everything so if he didn’t think you needed to experience it then he wouldn’t have allowed it to come into your life because he knows what you can resist and what you cant and he also knows what you will choose to resist and what you will walk right into freely and because there is no temptation that Jesus himself didn’t face he completely understands you. So why did it come? What did it teach you? And how will you move forward? Those are only questions you can answer for yourself. So take a deep breath, say a prayer, listen to God and keep it moving. Don’t stop because you didn’t get it the first time around. Now is your time to know that you deserve better than what you have allowed. Its not the other persons fault so stop blaming them; You’re an adult so take responsibility for what you allowed. (You still reading, then your alive and ok); now keep it moving. Your going survive; your going live and your going be ok. God kept you close so you wouldn’t let go. #KeepItMovingPeople

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