Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remember The Seed That Was Planted

Remember that moment when the real unexpected happened and you didn’t have an answer or even a clue on to how you were going to overcome the situation. You sought counsel, said a prayer, grabbed onto any type of hope you could find and tried to do your best. Well that is the Spirit on the inside of you that only comes from the divine that encourages you that even though you may have a lot of clouds you will have rainbows. I always am candid with people to the best of my ability, not perfect, but I make an effort to unfold some of the stories of my own journey in order to encourage others that they too can make it. I have been thinking a lot about my grandmother Margret lately and how life would have been different if she hadn’t passed when I was four years old. But what I have recently come to the enlightenment is that God’s perfect will was for him to call her home when he did so then when I got older I could tap into the traits that she shinned in. She was a nice person I am told and to be remembered for that is a great legacy. She had plenty of struggles in life like we always do but she stayed the course of no matter what happened  being nice to other people. My parents divorced when I was young and from what I am told she was intentional in protecting me from seeing any of the foolishness of two young parents. What a legacy!!! And it makes me happy to know how much she loved me and was thrilled about me. The unexpected was that I thought she would be here with me forever because of the bond I shared with her and my other grandparents Bob and Viv and how as a team they worked together to make sure THEIR baby was not just fine or ok but PERFECT AND STEADY. So in her memory and now as I enter the last year of my 20’s in just a few days I want to try and be nicer. People always say to me we know you love us deeply but were really not sure if you like anyone but Jesus, which I’ll admit at times that’s pretty accurate. I know that I can never fill her shoes of being as nice as she was but what I can do is make more of an effort to be all that I can be and who I was created to be and that is what she would want for me. My Grandma Viv put in me prayer and holiness, my grandpa Bob trained me to be a man, and even though we only loved each other for four short years her spirit of being nice always is really starting to make me think about how I can walk in my own niceness and in my own style. The lesson is this: those who transition into eternity plant a seed into our lives and if we can just take that seed and make it our own then we will honor them as we continue to grow and live in life. So as I face trails, tribulations, attacks of the enemy and personal growth I can take the seed of being nice that my grandma Margret left me and put it into the world in my own way and with my own style. That’s what becoming your best self is about. That’s what’s walking to the beat of your own drum is about. That’s what being all that your designed to be is all about. Taking what was planted into you and giving it your own style, rhythm, and beat. So if you have lost someone you love take heart that what they came to teach you even if it was only for a short while one day you will grasp it and say “Ok that’s what they were trying to show us” and my grandmother Margret taught, implanted and left to me “Be Nice Always, because you can catch more bees with honey than with vinegar”. Don’t miss the lesson because everything that happens is lessons God would have you to learn. #LoveYa #KeepItMoving

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