Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why Is It A Bad Thing?

Why is it a bad thing that it ended? Why is it a bad thing that the song or theme changed? Why is it a bad thing that the person left, died or cant give you what you need. What you have to realize is that not everyone comes to be with you forever on the journey of life. Some people come just for a season and what hurts us to our soul is when we try and take what God meant for temporary and make it everlasting. The less you focus on the bridge thats burning and the more you are grateful for the path you have left the less sad you will be. We have to be determined to change our focus and to start looking at Life and the things around us as God looks at it. Not as a loss but as a lesson and until we do that we will have to continue to repeat the lessons over and over again. So what is it that you gained? What did you learn about yourself; remember it was never about the other person in the first place it was always about you. What you tolerate, how you teach people to treat you and how you react to the energy of others. You can either be your own worse enemy or you can be victorious but the decision is up to you. You can take the bricks of life that are thrown at you and continue to trip over them or you can use them to make a staircase to the victory that is already yours. Hold on, dig in and surrender your all to the all knowing God and he will bring you the tools, comfort and guidance that you need. Remember its never to late to find the joy you've been craving for in your soul. #KeepItMoving

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