Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Singleness Is Not A Disease

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.”

In January my grandparents will celebrate 55 years of commitment through biblical marriage to one another and as sit back and watch them and how they operate I am amazed at the grace of God and how he shows them how to daily give grace, understanding and strength to one another. Their marriage has been my front row seat to what commitment to just one person really looks like mentally, physically, emotionally and yet keeping their own identity and embracing the fact that some part of the other person resides in the whole picture of who they are as a person. It’s about daily forgiveness and liking a person more than you express romantic love to them. Most of my seminary friends got married while we were in college and while I was never the first person to sign up for a relationship, at each wedding or when I found out someone was engaged I hoped the best for them but was never envious of what they had because I knew for me I never wanted to be married in the abstract just because everyone else was doing it or because I was getting older and it was the “normal” but rather I wanted to be married to someone: their whole personality, their whole being and all of them on the good and bad days. I believe in biblical marriage and I fully support it and think it’s the best choice emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally; it just hasn’t happened for me yet. Marriage takes a lot of compromise and sacrifice in everything that you do,  you have to not only think about how it will affect the other person but you have to be excited from your soul to want to bring pleasure to that person. I don’t want us single people to look at our current state as bad or rush into marriage because we want to “fit in” or “be normal”. For me my life as never been conventional or normal according to the unspoken rules of society. My life has always had a twist to it and I’m ok with that now, it took me a minute to get there if I’m honest but looking back, all of the things that seemed broken to me were not broken they were just different stones on my path to finding my place in God’s ministry. Those unique situations helped me to come to an understanding that being right where I am today is right where I am suppose to be. Don’t long for love when you can love yourself by viewing yourself through what God says about you and if you don’t know what he says about you then pick up His book and read it (The Bible); Starting with John 3:16. You're loved, you're enough and you're perfectly planned the way he wants you to be, yes we should always be striving for more, but the more is him and not what this world thinks. Again marriage is a good thing, relationships are a good thing, but if its not meant to be for you right now in this time of your life don’t stress or worry about it, what it means is that your suppose to be putting your energy into something else at this moment and remember you don’t want to just settle because your lonely, you want someone to want to be with you, to cherish your time, to appreciate you, and to love you unconditionally and if that person cant or wont then RUN away with the quickness because you were created for so much more. Don’t be in a relationship or get married just because it’s a trend “well everyone else it doing it”; no you focus on what God wants you to do and be happy for those who he has blessed with a spouse because it’s their time and wait on your time and if it never comes, that’s ok too because what God’s plan for you will be perfect. Stop trying to change God’s plans for your life and enjoy the journey your on now because this is the life you were given so celebrate it and celebrate God’s personal individual Love for you; Remember Life is not a rehearsal this is the show: everyday, every minute, every second; so look at how your performing and focus on that!!! … #LoveYa #KeepItMoving

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