Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Mike Brown Situation #PrayForStl

Why There Is No Peace Until There Is Justice #PrayForSTL

So as most of you, or all of you know I have been live and
in action when it comes to the whole Mike Brown case and I have been at many
rallies, peaceful and non peaceful, and most of the press conferences and
church services since the beginning and I will be attending the funeral. First
of all I did all of this so I can keep a honest report for all of my FB,
twitter and blog followers and I have stayed out of the marching but only to
sit on the side lines and video tape, interview people and see what the political,
media and civil rights leaders have to say.

Let me start off by saying this: it is my belief that the
only TWO people that have a dog in this fight are Mike Browns mother and father
because as I have repeated myself they are the only ones who have to put their
child in a box and then put him in the cold ground and if you have ever
experienced that 1st God Bless you and second you know that the
worst tragedy besides someone dying and going to hell because they don’t have a
relationship with Jesus Christ  (and I didn’t
say be a church member but if you’re looking for a church let me know) is to lose
a child. So that’s been my whole stance from the beginning and that is where I come
from so before you attack, comment or question anything that I am going to say
from here on out please note that this is my heart, soul and mind when I think
about the details that we know so far about this case.

6 bullets are aggressive and excessive for an unarmed man. I
can justify in my head two, and remember my late father worked at a jail and
his assignment was to break up fights and violent riots and I have seen videos growing
up of what the police had to do so I totally understand and support physical
force to stop a situation but 6 bullets I can’t justify in my own personal
head. For me after the two shots that connected in his side, that’s what the examiner
said the other day on the news,  I am
calling for back up immediately and then I am beating the suspect down because
any parent would rather have their child judged by 12 than carried by 6.

I think that the officer had high adrenaline in the moment
and it was not his intent in the moment to kill the young man, so that’s why I don’t
believe that he deserves to go to jail I just think he needs to sit down in
private room with his lawyer and the parents of Mike Brown and their lawyer and
explain to them what happened. I don’t think he needs a desk job after thinking
about it because personal experiences that happen to all of us affect us all in
some way, its human nature and we all would be lying if we said differently. I
think the city needs to buy his house and assist him in moving somewhere out of
the state and for him and his family to start over, life has plenty of “start over’s”;
I have had a few in my life, change is always comes to teach us something and
we can either be positive or negative about it, but it’s our choice and for the
safety of his family, that is the best option in my opinion. And for all of my
friends who are saying to me why are you not supporting the officer if you don’t
believe what he did was intentional, the answer is this because he is still
alive and his parents don’t have to bury their child and remember I am not
supporting Mike Brown because I saw the video tape of him robbing the store, he
clearly an aggressive person, but his parents are separate from him. My father
was a HORRIBLE parent to his child, me, but that does not reduce in any way my
continued prayers not only for myself but also for my grandparents who had to
put their baby in the ground 29 months ago. When it comes to being a bad parent
he was on the top ten list in history, he didn’t do his job in training me to
be a man, thank God for my grandpa, but I still have a broken heart for my
grandparents because his wrong against my soul doesn’t cancel their misery.

I applaud all peaceful protestors and all church and faith
leaders for leading the peaceful protest and while we may disagree with their
signs, chants, and opinions at least they are doing it without conflict or
violence and that needs to be applauded. And to all the officers, especially Johnson
we need to be appreciative of him and the other black and white officers who do
their job well. We even saw the other night a white officer hold up a gun to
protestors saying he was going to “Cuss Word” kill them and I applaud the city
for letting him go indefinitely the next day. Alderman French, Rev. Jones, Rev.
BoBo, Rev. BT Rice, Former Congressman Carnahan who I think should take another
run or at least support French 1000% in getting Congressman “No Show” Clay out
on the next election; all of these people need to be commended for their
leadership and so many more.

When it comes to the riots, the people who have robbed,
broken into and vandalized property this one statement sums up how I personally
AND A TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR BAIL! #JustMyView Because the bad people are making
the good people look bad and instead of talking about the grief of these two
parents were talking about idiots, instead of talking about all the good
businesses and coming to support them were talking about idiots. And for the
record I am not just talking I went to the shoe carnival that was broken into
the other day and spent $100 and thanked them for staying in business in the

Also I do believe that the Country Prosecutor does need to
step aside in the case because a young black man killed his father and I am
just not convinced that in a high profile case like this you can put your
personal views aside because when you lose a parent to a tragedy it changes
you, trust me on that one. So I think that governor Nixon should hire two women
one black and one white and have them take over the case because then no one
can say in whatever decision is made it is based on race or gender, that’s just
my way of avoiding problems later on and even have the black one be a
conservative and the white one be a liberal, let’s try to eliminate all bad
press ahead of time.

I also want to encourage everyone to register to vote and to
vote in every election, I hear so many people say I don’t vote because I don’t want
to get called for Jury Duty, just tell them you believe in the death penalty, that’s
what I do it works every time lol. But please if you want things in your city
to change, then vote. They even send you a card with your voting place on it
and the date of the election so go and vote!!!

When it comes to Race in America let me say this I was
raised by my parents and grandparents to treat people how they treat you, I
have people in my life who have the same blood running though their veins that
treat me worse than an enemy, so it’s not about social class, race, gender or
even religious background for me, it’s about how you treat me. I have Muslim, LGBT
Community, atheist, liberal and all kinds of friends, Yes I am always telling
people “get to Jesus” but I am never rude about it and I love all of my friends
and I just don’t believe in tolerating people I believe that true maturity happens
when you can accept people right where they are, Jesus taught thatJ! Because that is what
he did; Jesus didn’t say go get right first then come to me he said “Anyone who
calls on the name of the Lord Shall be Saved”. I am a young black pastor of a
majority older white church and our secret is the Jesus. At the cross were all
sinners in need of a savior and we take the time to get to know one another. I
am 6’3 240 pounds and young and black with my own swag. The world says that doesn’t
work but our church shows it works everyday because I have people who were born
before blacks and women could vote, still while the KKK was a dominate force in
America, before interracial marriage was legal, before Brown Vs. The Board of
education; who call me Pastor Robert. Don’t tell me the world can’t change, don’t
tell me there is no hope, don’t tell me that it doesn’t happen because my
church is on the front lines leading it every day.

So the question is how did we do it? And the answer is we
got to know each other and daily are getting to know each other. We worship,
pray, talk and get to know each other. We have liberals, conservatives, and
people from different religious backgrounds in our church and we get together
every Sunday and we say “Hey I’m a sinner, o wait you’re a sinner too… Perfect let’s
get to Jesus”.  When the world finds
common ground and realizes we all have our prejudices and “sacred cows” and all
of us have idols that get in the way of our hearts being fully pure and just
simply get to Jesus no matter what else you believe then and only then will we
see any lasting movement because God is everlasting all by himself. So more
importantly let’s call it what it really is not a race problem a sin problem.
Blacks and whites will always be different just like men and women. I didn’t know
what green bean casserole was until I went to college and I’m still trying to
teach some of my white friends how to do the eclectic slide (that was just a
joke, yall know I don’t dance- LOL). The point is our difference should bring
us together and say I want to know what that is or try that or experience that
and not tear us apart. I might not make it a part of my daily routine but the experience
will make my life better. That is what we all should be striving for because
life is a journey, not a destination.  Pray
for our city, Pray To Jesus and May God Have mercy on us. Let’s continue to
pray for the people who have to put their kid in a box and in the ground, that
is our responsibility as people who believe in something bigger than us. Also
my final point in this for all born again baptized people, if the world will
come out by the thousands to rally for a death, what do you think can happen if
we effectively tell the world about a death that gave them life #JustSaying J… OK God Bless, be nice
in your comments, I am not looking for approval or an argument this is just my
view of what’s gone on so far… #PrayForSTL

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