Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In The Morning

The last few weeks have been crazy… things would seem so much easier if my heart would listen to my mind… I need to make a lot of changes. I need to remind myself of my core values and convictions… Who I am and what I believe and from that I act not acting on anger or disappointment or even the unknown but on the fact that this is what I know for sure.. My convictions the things that cannot be changed or swayed… in acting in anger and disappointment I have let myself down… Here is the thing just because someone else shows bad character and does not act responsible or loving does not mean that you need to react or lower yourself to those people’s standards… I was thinking about this the other day and I found myself needing to reexamine things… Why is it that when people lie, cheat, act ungodly and do intentional horrible things to us… we have to get mad at them first & hate them in order to forgive them? Why is it that we have to be mad in order to forgive? I have realized that when someone has betrayed me intentionally I have to hate them before I can let go… this I pray will change because I refuse to any longer let someone who has acted horribly and ugly dictate me.
In the grand scheme of things life is not so bad… actually a relief that things happened and are moving forward because what it teaches you is that everyone can’t be trusted and even people who “appear” to be on the same page as you and say that they want the same things as you aren’t really that way. When someone shows you who they are believe them the 1st time… don’t sit around and hope that they will change or expect better from them life is too short to have your heart, time and money wasted on people who don’t love you like you deserve. Whether it is a relationship, friendship or even blood family member refuse to have people steal your joy and determine how you should be. You can’t make others decisions so you shouldn’t let other people make yours. When someone, whoever that person is, walks out of your life… send them a thank you letter because they have now just released you into your greatest potential… don’t harbor hate, bitterness or anger… instead expect all good things from Christ and knowing him in is glory and suffering… what is transitional when it comes to all people, regardless of a person’s beliefs is this: we all stumble but we all must choose to be survivors.. when life gives you lemons count your blessings that at least you made it out alive and can see another day coming…. I have experienced this moment… intentionally hurt to the core… But now I will choose to forgive, move on and get stronger… For this lessons I will never forget and will always be blessed that God is Able to keep my Joy centered in him… Cry for a little bit… But remember the choose is yours don’t let anyone who sets out to do evil to you determine the kind of reaction you will have…

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