Sunday, June 20, 2010


For your example we say thanks for your unconditional love we give you praise and for the way you always forgive we acknowledge that you are creator and sustainer of the universe. To our heavenly father that loves deeply and forgives fully we surrender our lives to you as an appreciation for all that you do and have done.
To all the dads and granddads out there who make the world a better place. For sticking with it when it would have been easier to leave. For your endurance and strength for your patience and love. For being a role model and teaching us the right way to go. For all the elders we want to thank you on this father day.
Since I have been sick and in bed I have had a lot of time to think about my life and I have realized that a lot of the emotional damage that happens to people is because people allow it to happen to them. By your actions and responses to things you teach people how to treat you. If you allow for someone to come into your life regardless of the type of relationship you have to set the boundaries for how they will treat you and the only damage that can be done is if you allow it to be done. Again in this season of my life I am really grateful that I can now look and examine personalities and types of people before I let them into my life because this now equips me for the future so I will no next time not to let negative people come into my life. As I am getting ready to turn 25 years old I have been blessed to have some good relationships with people and some horrible ones and to all the good folks out there thank you and to all the ones who intentionally came in to set my life on fire: I survived and came out like goal.
I think we all need to ask ourselves everyday what are we doing? And why are we here? Are we wasting our lives in projects and in people that will never get better or in situations that will never change. Have we come to the cemetery and are trying to raise the dead bones. Have we come to a crossroads in our lives and need to rethink why we are here and what we are doing? Life is like living on a ocean. The waves come and move you up and down and the winds of the sea are constantly blowing in different directions… My question is have we adjusted are sails and are moving in the right direction?


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