Tuesday, June 8, 2010

In The News


I know its been a little while since I have expressed my political views on different things and my opinions about what has been going on in the news so here we go…
Today is people in different states will be voting in primary races. Some of the hot contested races are in Arkansas between two democrats. The incumbent Blanch Lincoln in fighting for her political life because far left liberal groups are disappointed in her “centrist” ways. I would encourage ever person in Arkansas to go out and vote for Senator Lincoln because of this. When interests groups from the same political background come after you because you are NOT following everything they say and because you choose to work with the other side then you know that you are doing the right thing. Politics cannot be one sided if you’re going to make an impact and help all people. You have to give and take and Sen. Lincoln does this so I hope that she wins against these liberal characters who wont do anything but bankrupt the state of Arkansas.
Rand Paul has brought up a lot of controversy in Kentucky. Cleary as someone who is also a libertarian in many ways I like him because I think that too much government in the justice system and in our college education system has caused for many innocent people to be put in jail and also caused for the price of education in college to rise making it nearly impossible for people to get out of debt after college. I think that we have too many federal agencies putting their business in the homes of people and business. If I spank my child then that is abuse and I could go to jail. If I want to go to a restaurant and eat my food and smoke a cigarette then I am infringing on the rights of others. If I am sick in my body and I want to have a medical doctor assist in ending my life I can’t. These government agencies are doing more harm than good. I don’t have a problem with government. We need it to set rules, regulations and to keep laws. But when laws cripple the innocent, then we have a problem. And what people don’t understand is it is not the financial hurt that kills people it is the emotional pain that destroys a person. Emotional pain can leave a person damaged good and ineffective for service.
The Oil spill in the gulf is a nightmare. I have always been against the notion “drill baby drill” because it is irresponsible to drill in places where tourist come to and also where people make their daily living from. There are so many others ways that we can get away from our dependence on foreign oil without drilling. We saw this twenty something years ago in Alaska where the same thing happened. Just like I was outraged over the criticism of George Bush when it came to Hurricane Katrina I am just as outraged when it comes to the criticism of Obama. What do people want him to do. Go get some tape get in a wet suit and jump in the ocean and plug it up himself. This notion that he can do anymore than he is doing is outrageous. The notion that he is not showing more “emotion & anger” is crazy as well. He is constantly coming up with plans and in truth BP should be the ones to fix it. The reality is we should have never been drilling that far down and in the area of the gulf. We all need to stop pointing fingers and find a way to plug the hole and start the clean up now. BP should pay for EVERYTHING. And we should outlaw these practices of unsafe drilling.
Jobs aren’t coming back. Small businesses aren’t hiring. People with college degrees are having a VERY difficult time getting jobs and finding employment. I don’t know what the solution is but I know that if Obama does not figure this out soon. Health care, the oil spill and the wars won’t be his problem. It will be jobs. He has to cut taxes for small business and give them incentives to hire because we, the hard working American people who want to work are having a HORRIBLE time finding jobs.

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