Monday, November 9, 2009

When The Government Takes Over

I find it laughable when people say that I am an extremist or politically motivated by a party. I am neither, but rather someone that focuses on individual issues. When it comes to Universal Government Ran Health Care- I oppose it and will make direct links to what I think that it will turn out to be. I will agree with anyone who makes common sense, but I will not sit by and be called a liar, extremist or someone who is stretching the truth. It’s not my personality so I find it dismissible when people say these things. Let me say this I love when people comment on my Blogs- I write them because I care about the nation and the direction that we are going. I have been getting criticized from the Left and the right for comparing Universal Government Ran Health Care to: Black Slavery, Rape, The Treatment of Native Americans, And the Holocaust. So now I will defend all of these things but my point is not to defend me, my point is for people to understand the seriousness of Universal Government Ran Health Care and while it will lead to some sort of Americanized Rape, Slavery, Holocaust and Brutality.

Rape- what is rape. Rape is when a person is forced to provide sexual accommodations to a person against their will. Universal Government Ran Health care will be forced upon people against their will because the private sector of the insurance companies will be forced out of the market place and will not be able to keep up the services that they provided now. Insurance companies will be forced to by out to the government and the government will force the insurance companies to sell them all of their products and services. Rape is ultimately when another person bullies an innocent victim. The American people and insurance companies are going to be bullied by the government. They will be stricken of their freedom and rights to compete in the insurance market and forced out of the market leaving millions of Americans scared, without or lacking coverage and no longer having choice or freedom to say no and that they don’t want to give their money to the government. My comparison makes sense, because the same way rape victims become subject to: force, being bullied and made to do things they don’t want to- is the same thing that is going to happen to the American people and to the insurance companies.

Black Slavery- It was a law that blacks were property and they were forced to do what the master said to them. They were killed by the slave master, beaten by the slave master, they didn’t have any say in anything and things were done without their knowledge or approval. Blacks contributed to the founding of America and yet they benefited in no way, because their freedom was denied and they were forced to be treated like animals and in many cases animals were treated better than the slaves. We will not have a choice when Universal Government Ran Health Care takes over because it will become a law. This force of power will make people get health care. There is a mandate in the Bill that says all Americans must purchase health care- it won’t be a choice. You have to do what the Big Master/ Government says to do and not only do you have to buy health care in general more 9/10 times you will be forced to get the Governments Health Care because you wont have many private options. When you’re old and sick the government can do the same things that the whites did to black slaves, and say well they are of no use anymore just let them die. There is no significance of life and no value to a human being. If it cost too much to keep you then they will let you die, and that becomes a regulation on the life of humanity- the same thing that happened in Black slavery; the masters were allowed to regulate life. The two are interchangeable and the same concepts because the government now replaces the white man and the American people now replace the slave.

The Treatment of Native Americans- Native Americans were just minding their own business and working their land. Not everything was perfect, but we don’t like in a utopia of humanity. The white man came over stole their land, forced them to work for them, beat, killed, raped their women, and murdered their children. The American people have just been minding our own business, not everything is perfect, but the majority of us can afford health care and do have health care. Not until the government came in and said you can no longer buy health care across state lines, they will beat our insurance companies up and bully them into selling the government their products, kill our seniors, rape our women in the sense that they will allow a doctor to decided during child birth if a women is worth saving if she becomes sick and force our daughters to take shots that will slow down their female reproductive system and my cause them to not have children because we are over populated and they will allow tax payer money to go to help abortions of our babies in instances of rape and incest and don’t think because they say “that’s it” for now they will not try to make it go for ALL abortions. This is just the beginning to the end if we don’t stand up and say enough is and stop the government from coming into our private sector and forcing us to do things we don’t want.

The Holocaust- Do you remember what happened to the Jews. Adolf Hitler came in and promised the people that the government would help them and take care of them and all would be well. So he comes in and takes over manufacturing companies, then steel companies, then food stores and then he took over all companies that helped to produce and do business with the world. He promised the people that he would make things better. In the begging of Hitler’s reign he made good speeches, encouraged the people, made friends with many of the people on his side of politics and on the other side. He seemed like a really nice guy. And then if you didn’t talk like him, look like him or agree with him suddenly there were massive graves, imprison camps, torture camps, the gassing of millions of people. Hitler wanted things to be his way and perfect in his society- so he made religious quotes and next thing you know he decided to assonate, rape, and kill millions of Jews. All you had to do is agree with him and his government and things would be ok for you. Remember when Obama came on the scene in 2004, great speech everyone loved it- he spoke of the utopia of America and how we could all become ONE in these blue states and red states. And then out of no where just like Hitler he emerged on the scene to become president. He became friends with loyal people in his party- Ted Kennedy, Al Gore and even with a few republican- Chuck Hegel and Bob Gates. He took over the auto industry, bailed out banks, gave federal government money to all 50 states and to many businesses not just in the federal or government level of the local states but also to private home owners and businesses. He took over in a sense, and bailed out America and Americans and now all these people owe him and the federal government the money back. You know the saying “don’t bite the hand that feeds you”, well all these people felt like Barack Obama feed them, so I am sure if he ask for something or ask for a return for the favor he did for them, they wouldn’t mind doing it. UMMMM does any of this sound familiar to you. Nice guy, good family, religious beliefs, appears to be a hero around the world. Sound familiar? If you opposed him he took you out- look at Fox News- he doesn’t want the truth to come out. He says that people like Shepherd Smith, Chris Wallace and Bill O’Riley are after him. Does he not realize that 1/3 of the executive positions held at fox news are blacks. Does he not realize that the Fox News White House Correspondent and One of the longest running anchors at Fox News is an AFRICAN AMERICAN…. Umm but if you oppose him, he tells the American people- “don’t watch fox news” why because he wants you to continue to drink the juice of “the government can save you” motto because if he and the far left liberals can take over things then they can decide the direction of this nation, just like Hitler did. So I write these things and express my opinion because I don’t want to be cooked live, imprisoned, raped and beat to death like the Jews were and I don’t think you do either.

Listen my first passion is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that God sent Jesus Christ to die for the sins of those who will believe. There can never been social reconciliation because there is no such thing as ever reaching a utopia but we don’t have to sit back and allow the government to kill off our seniors, murder our babies and send the rest of us to a man made created slavery and social welfare because of a few left wing nuts. But there can be reconciliation for those who trust in Jesus Christ. Love country, but love Jesus Christ first and everything you say ought to be out of Love for Jesus Christ and your fellow neighbor.

Just my Opinion, I could be wrong, but I doubt it!!!

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