Saturday, November 7, 2009

America... Dead!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen a very significant piece of America has been assonated tonight by far left liberals & one republican in the House of Representatives. The United State House of Representatives has officially passed a Health Care Bill that will include a Universal Government Ran Health Care Take Over of the private insurance market. Let me make this very clear and I say this with the facts to back up every statement I say and the common sense truth. Now is the time for Christians and the church of Jesus Christ to stop being wimps and preach the Saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to people who don’t have a relationship with God because they need to have a eternal hope and a peace that their residence is Heaven and not America because we all are about to be forced into slavery in America. Christians must stop being intimated and start telling the truth. Jesus Christ is the Only way to heaven and without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ you will go to hell when you die. People need to hear this more than ever because America took one step closer to allowing the government to run more aspects of our lives, to put people in early graves and to deny freedom to the next generation of people.

We are about to become like Black Slaves, Native Americans, and Jews. Every time in history when you see a government that had more control and rights than the individuals of the land, then those people where dictated. I know some people think this is too harsh of a comparison, but challenge you to argue with me where I am wrong. When slavery was a law it was controlled by the government and it killed, beat and destroyed the souls of an entire people group. The government controlled this law. When the Native Americans were being treated horrible and their land was taken from them by force, it was done by the leaders of the new establishment of the “New World”- it was not illegal to treat Native Americans like this because the “law” or establishment said this was ok. When the Jews were cooked alive by Hitler, this happened because it was the Law of the Land. The government controlled what was going on and what was going to happen.

We are in two wars right now because two separate governments are oppressing their people and dictating to them what they can do. Our men and women are been murdered everyday for fighting for freedom of other people. Mothers, Wife’s and Children are crying themselves to sleep because our soldiers are loosing their lives to fight for freedom for a people who were being starved to death, murdered by the masses, raped, beaten, lied to and dictated by their government and yet we are giving our freedoms away.

Is this the change you wanted and expected? Did you expect that the first black president of the United States of America would be the guy who would massive kill off, slaughter, rape, destroy and dictate minorities and for the first time put average white American conservatives who disagree with liberal policies in slavery as well. Liberals are raciest and they are using a black face (Not saying he doesn’t believe this stuff but I will argue that he has been tricked and taught by people who believe this stuff “Bill Ayers” just to named one and then as far as killing off the white side Pastor Jeremiah Wright) to destroy not only black America but white America.

I say liberals are raciest for a number of reasons. All these liberals in office and yet look at Katrina. When Al Gore Lost the election his National Campaign Manager was a Black Woman, Donna Brazille, did she become the next Democratic National Chairperson or has she since- No- they gave it to a white guy, Gov. Howard Dean. The facts are that Plan Parent Hood targets poor Mexicans and Blacks for abortion, why because liberals want to eliminate minorities in America. Who Killed Dr. King? Liberals!!! Who Killed Bobby Kennedy and John Kennedy- Liberal Socialist. Who tried to kill Pope John Paul the Second- You guessed it a liberal, Malcolm X- yes for Malcolm they were black men, but who paid them WHITE LIBERALS; and Who Shot Ronald Reagan- White Socialist Liberals.

My point is this Liberals want to kill off black people, they want to treat us like Jews or put us back in Slavery, because if their not going to kill us directly they will try and kill the leaders who actually do positive things for minorities and blacks.

Universal Health Care is not only a target to Kill off minorities, because lets be honest the majority of people who will be tricked to thinking that this is a good idea is minorities, but they are also going to kill off conservatives and anyone who opposes what the government says. Look at the Government now, anyone who disagrees with anything the Obama Administration does, they try to kill off in some way: Fox News: They have told people not to watch fox news. Rush Limbaugh: One of the head guys in the NFL worked for Obama’s’ campaign and made it clear to the other owners who were trying to buy with Rush that he was “Not welcomed”.

What do you think that is going to happen to you? There is a mandate in this bill- if you don’t want to buy health care they will penalize you. You will get fined if you make the choice not to buy the governments health care or any health care but you wont be able to afford any thing else. Trust me; my health care has tripled already.

Now is not the time to sit by. Now is the time to write Obama and your representative and tell them to STOP TRYING TO KILL YOU!!!!! Did you know it only takes 30 emails or letter about one subject for your Senator to start paying attention to the issue!!! So if just 30 of us write Obama and Our Senators and tell them to stop this crap- then maybe something can happen….. Please go to and tell the president to keep his hands off of your life….

Just My Opinion…. I could Be Wrong But I Doubt It!!!

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