Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Two Big Wins For America

As an American I think that we all can say that last nights victories where not just about a political party, but last nights victories where about the constitution being defended and voters/ tax payers declaring that they don’t want big ineffective government poking their fingers in the private sector of American lives.
We had some amazing victories for the conservative movement last night and I feel like people have been reading my blog- lol and taking the ideas that I have said all along would work. Our fight is not about the GOP or against democrats; our fight is for our personal freedoms. Today many of the main stream media will try to play down the victories but I would encourage our president, who I think is a reasonable man, to stop listing to the far left and their leader Nancy Pelosi and to realize that the majority of Americans don’t want was the fruits and nuts from the small part of San Francesco want; we don’t want government ran health care, we don’t want government regulations on small business, we don’t want government defense programs all around the world, we don’t want government telling our private education what to do, we don’t want government taking our money and bailing out the rich- NO ONE IS TO BIG TO FAIL IN AMERICA, and because the far left thinks its ok to bailout rich people they will continue to suffer the consequences of loosing elections to constitutional defending candidates. We don’t want anymore government telling us what to do and dictating to us what we can do in our private lives.
We won in New Jersey, not because of a scandalous governor; we won because people were tired of being lied to. We won because property taxes our way to high. We won because we are spending way too much money and not seeing any results. We won because the rich were being forced to take care of everyone else, and not being allowed to freely by choice give their money to organizations in need. Rich people already give and pay more taxes, that’s an obvisous- the more money you make the more taxes you pay. And then they don’t have enough money to give to private organizations that actually help people like: Saint Jude Children hospital and the Red Cross. Our candidate was called fat, uneducated and not charismatic. And those things maybe true, but what he had was better ideas and determination to not sell his soul to the government establishment, REMEMBER WHEN OBAMA SAID HE WAS GOING TO BE LIKE THAT HMMMM- rather he spoke to peoples concerns and said here’s my plan and lets try and make it work as best as I can. The reason why Obama is failing is not because he is not a nice guy, but because he made over 500 promises, who he thinks he is- Jesus- there is no way he can hold to all those promises. Listen to me now and when am I wrong- Obama is another Jimmy Carter and George Bush Sr.- He has made promises he cant keep and he will suffer by loosing most of his senate and house seats and more than likely his own.
We won in Virginia, because no one is creating jobs. Our candidate didn’t run on anti abortion or gay rights platform, we know he disagrees with those things but that was not his platform. He ran on want people in Virginia need. They need a job. They need security for their families. They need to know that they can retire, and send their kids to school. They want the opportunity not a hand out. They don’t want the government giving them anything, just staying out their way so they can make it happen. They want better education for their children not teachers indoctrinating their kids for a liberal belief system and singing songs praises Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. They want to know that if they try they can have a better life. Smaller is always better and smaller government, allows people not to be suffocated by the rules and laws that enable people from getting health care from across state lines that cheaper. People cant buy health care because the government wont let them, it has nothing to do with the lie that its not affordable or accessible, its not allowed because Nancy Pelosi wants you and me to give more of our money to the government and buy health care from the government so the government can regulate who lives and who dies, because if they can do that then when people who think differently then them can be put to death. That’s what they want to do; they want to kill off conservatives. And again if you don’t believe me ask the millions of Jews that are dead because of the Holocaust, and ask the millions of blacks who are dead because of slavery and Jim Crow Laws- when the government can regulate, they will regulate your life and that’s why people in Virginia elected a conservative: Governor, Lt. Governor, and attorney general.
To my gay friends in the State of Maine and around the country again America has spoken and we don’t want to legalize same sex marriage. We don’t care if you want family rights, those you can have. Civil Unions are fine and I personally can see how the constitution can make way for that, but when it comes to the word and yes it is the word: MARRIAGE!!!! You cant have that and I believe that America will continue to push against people who want to redefine what God has established and what the majority of Americans want and will fight for: the word marriage protected as one man and one woman. Not as something different because if we allow gays to marry then we will soon allow people who want to marry their animals to take place.
This is America and it doesn’t matter if you are red or blue. We all want freedom and we want to represent the constitution and if big government socialist liberals think that they are going to take over, we will continue to remove them from office.
God Bless all the newly elected conservatives and may they serve the people and not the politics.
Just My Opinion- I could be wrong but I doubt it!!!

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