Monday, March 24, 2014

Say It Now!!!

James 4:5 "Or do you suppose it is no purpose that the scripture says He yearns jealously over the spirit he has made to dwell in us"


Why does stuff keep going crazy in your daily life? Why does it seem like nothing is working out and that everything you do it going up in flames? It because God is fighting for your soul. Here’s the deal at some point along the journey called life you must confess that God is real. How personal you think he is to your situation is another topic but just simply confession that there is a God out there is soul awaking awareness that has the ability to move you in the right direction if you are willing to take the class and apply the lessons to what the truth is. We all want to believe in our minds that we have the answer or have figured it out well the truth is if that was the case we wouldn’t be suck in these wild emotions that make us re-examine things on a consistent basis. With any new thing you do in life there is always going to be fear in the change but the question you must keep asking yourself is your current situation worth not at least exploring the possibility of what the God who knows the unknown is trying to tell you. You haven’t figured it out. You don’t know the answers. Your confused, upset and to be honest scared. So what’s the lost in listening, obeying and following what God is saying to you in your personal time with him. Your time is now to say to yourself “I declare my relationship with God is going to get better” and then to make it happen. Its time to break every chain from your life and move forward. Life happens, but remember God is fighting for your soul. #KeepItMoving

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