Tuesday, March 25, 2014


As I sit and look back over these past few months I am so grateful to God for loving me in spite of myself and the situations I have allowed myself to be in. Since September of last year it has been a roller costar of events and emotions that have involved shocking details when it comes to family and friends. I have had to protect myself by being honest with my own vulnerability and weaknesses in allowing myself to create a healthier atmosphere where I can go into myself in order to save myself. I have gotten over the idea that everything is supposed to be a certain way even in my relationships with family. It was heartbreaking for me to realize that some people won’t change and that some people are just the way they are but it was also freeing because it took the responsibility away from me that I had placed on myself. I must confess that I still hate change and I am not one for new experiences because I am afraid of the unknown and the deep root of my sin nature is control. But what I am a witness to is that when you step out in desperate faith Jesus will meet you with a solid ground. God’s not trying to trick you or play games with your anxiety. He just wants to keep reminding you of his faithfulness so when he calls you will be able and willing to go. The reality is that we need to stop holding on to our past because we are doing it at the expense of our future. Remember some people just won’t change. Remember some people are too broken to fix. But also remember that all people need love.  I’m not saying overdue yourself and drain yourself when it comes to needy people. But what I am saying is to remind yourself that those people need love and prayer as well. Even if they drive you nuts which is hard for us people who by nature can’t stand when people get on our nerves, we still have to love them in the best way we can and for me these last months since September I have just been staying in prayer for people daily even when they don’t know it. I’m not bragging or suggesting what you should do I am just giving out what has worked for me when dealing with problematic people who drain the life and energy out of you. Stay prayed up and responsible and that will help you get through this life. Remember not everyone can walk with you down every road and also remember to be smart about who you choose to be wide open with because some people don’t have the ability to handle your heart in the proper way. Forgive quickly, pray often and remember the people you deal with are broken too, so find the best way you can to give them the grace that Jesus has extended to you… #KeepItMoving #ILoveYou

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