Saturday, May 24, 2014


I am not going to water down anything about this note but rather take you into the space of the unknown in my own body and soul in order to maybe help you see that you are not alone. I love people but I cherish isolation. I love a good time but I hold on tightly to the moments when no one is around. This season of my life has been draining emotionally, physically and spiritually and it seems like I am always close to coming out of this season and on to another one. But here is the thing with all of the people, situations, challenges and whatever else is going on my prayer is “Lord I appreciate all that you have done for me”. It’s an old gospel song theme that I want to crave into the core of my soul because I know that this life is not permanent and that everyone’s time comes to an end. I have witnessed and seen the young and the old enter into eternity. I have seen and experienced the rug of life being pulled from underneath so many people but when you sit back and stop and think about the fact that your either ok or going to be ok or even if you never get to the place of ok your always fighting to get there then a lot of the stresses of the day will be removed from your mind. Some challenges or obstacles in life are just because God knows you can handle it and he is trying to rebirth the thing that is already on the inside of you out, so when that happens just hold on and don’t let go and know that you don’t always have to make every step perfect just try to make every step count in a beneficial way even if it means you just didn’t give up that day. Know your source, tap into prayer and never ever stop going even if you have to take a break just keep going. #KeepItMoving

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