Tuesday, May 27, 2014

If It Didnt Rain Then There Wouldnt Be Any Flowers

One thing that you must remember when going through the rain and diversity of life is that you have already been created with the things on the inside of you that you need to fight each trial. But what you have to start doing is not looking at the mountain as a hardship but rather simply a challenge that you will overcome you just have to find out the best way to get through the situation and be confident that you will get through it and know that sometimes it takes more than one chance or plan but it will work out if you just keep pushing. You have to stay in prayer and ask for wisdom because that is what you need to guide yourself and to make it through. As devastating as many things can be and as much as you want to give up; you can’t. So release your will to God, pray for wisdom and know that all things work out they might look different in the end but they will work out you just have to be willing to sometimes let go of what you thought you wanted or what you planned in order to have what you need. Surrendering to the will of the creator is not being weak but rather its confessing that you don’t have all it takes and that divine help and intervention is a good thing. Trust Jesus because he really is for your best. #KeepItMoving

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